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Color. There's a freedom about it. 

"Room color psychology is an integral part of your daily life, affecting your moods and energy levels with just the room color you choose for your walls. The colors of the rooms in your home also serve as a direct reflection of your personality. The people who live in a home make it beautiful by choosing colors that reflect their preferences and personalities. Color has the power to change the shape and size of furnishings, as well as the shape and size of the room itself."

By Lena Borrelli

And color isn't just something we add to our home, it's an essential element that we add to our life once we break the barriers of everything being black and white. We all possess within ourselves our special vibrance and the more we discover our own gifts and survival skills, the more colorful we become. I'm using color as a code word for free. Freedom. Notice when you paint a wall or a canvas or a piece of furniture, there's a freedom about it. An ease. Even a calmness. Paint something white and well, there's a boredom to it. Maybe I speak for myself alone but I doubt it. COLOR is what makes life fun. It's what make YOU fun. See it. Be it. Use it. 

Nothing is in black and white and when we think something is, I bet you a hundred bucks you're mistaken and you might even find yourself amid an argument with someone. At least I do. Seeing anything in black and white is seeing everything through the lenses of judgment and narrow mindedness. Try me. Take any topic and make it cut and dry - black and white. I bet if you do this you'll find a critic... in yourself. 

Throw some color at that critic and calm down! Life is a journey not an ego booster. 

I'm Anne-Marie Evans and I'm your Girl Next Door Home Expert. I'm also a writer formerly known as a film maker and musician, and because I'm an artist with no end in sight, HOME is what keeps me grounded. No artist ever did well without a place to call home. At least I refuse to believe so. 

And home doesn't have to be a beautifully designed 2 bedroom, three bath. Home can be that place within you that you truly... understand. The more we accept ourselves for who we are and what we've done (mistakes don't define you), the more we ourselves can be a home... to ourselves. There's a relief in knowing that we can be comfortable in our our skin. No matter what we look like. No matter who we love. No matter how we think. 

There's a solace in being YOURSELF. And that's the actual home you grow up in. 

Everything else is just life. Your house is where you put your stuff, so keep it organized. Keep it simple because clutter doesn't just swallow the space in your dwelling and regurgitate back to you total disarray. "Where's my phone? Where's my keys!" Oh my god this closet is going to be the end of me!" Clutter congests our mind and spirit. A lot of people can't even think straight in their house because of endless clutter. 

Throw some color on that clutter! It's doesn't have to be black and white. It doesn't have to be there and you don't have to feel overwhelmed. You can feel motivated instead, and even excited. Shift your perspective and change your life. Literally. 

As for me. I'm here to coach you through that. And I'm here to do the dirty work because hey, I also love to clean! 

I Never knew "home" growing up. I moved every year and missed out on stability and familiarity. So, one of my favorite things in life is... home. Not just mine, but yours. It's my mission to not only keep your home clean, but to make a HOME a better place. It truly is where the heart is. And, my heart is where the home is. 

I'm a Home Interior Improvement Specialist and I've been cleaning and re-designing homes for the past 15 years. I take great pride in my detail oriented work and my level of expertise with all things interior improvement won't leave you disappointed. I can take a stain out of anything and the stress out of everything. I look forward to making you happy, in your home. Improved. 


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