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A film by Anne-Marie Evans Hello again dear readers. Tis the season and I'm back on my blog! Happy Christmas (said in my English accent that I wish was real) and happy holidays, all holidays. It's been a bountiful year for me and these last six months have been persevering, to say the least. I launched my latest film trailer and crowd fund campaign, which you can visit here on Indiegogo .  I directed and starred in the trailer, which you can watch, and my plan now is to make the film! This is where you come into the equation. Yay! You get to be a part of this film too... if you'd like to be. Visit the  link and if you love what see and feel inspired, compelled, moved or even slightly entertained...then please do support my film. I spent an ass load of money making the movie trailer and I need an ass load of money to make the film, and assloads of money don't fall from trees, at least not yet, so donate to the making of this film, share the link, reach out to m