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writing songs...

Anne-Marie Pauley Anne-Marie Pauley's 2nd studio album is r eleas ing 2013!  LOTS of Brand New Music COMING SOON !

defining glory

Here I am...defining glory . Or, at least doing my best to. Where I am, well that's more of an unsolved mystery. It may even be the charade of the century - a puzzle I strive to unriddle each day. If I could just defeat the sly joker who frolics with delight in my head, if I could just catch him in his tracks, then reaped would be the answers to my two most concerning questions: Where am I?  Who am I? I feel like I'm everywhere doing everything. I feel like I'm morphing into everyone in some way or another too, everyone I've ever loved, and all my feelings have lead me to believe that such traits, such instincts, are a beautiful thing - to understand other people, to walk in their shoes, to expand in all places and spread like butter - to melt like ice. I melt looking back at the affairs of the heart. I simmer like sauce in a cooking pan as I extract sensations from all my old memories. I get lost in a daze. My body starts to feel funny - sensitive. Some

you don't have to be meryl streep

Lights, camera... perfection ! There's a blazing Virgo disposition designing this woman, I'm referring to myself. So, I pretty much like to cruise through life at a more detail-oriented speed, to say the very least. As for my celestial jalopy with a set of wheels that keep on turning, I prefer to be in the driver seat at all times. I like to be in control, so if life really is a highway, then I'm definitely going my way too. And while on the road heading toward some unmarked destiny while driving much too fast and going my way, I violently collide with "mac trucks" as karma bites me in my ass for being such a control freak. I then watch my whole life flash before my eyes as though a near-death experience has just occurred, as though I'm a film star in an amazing near-death scene! On that note, maybe I'm a drama queen too, or maybe I'm just another actress acting like I'm "in control". Flashing. Flashing. Flashing back...

one love

Photo taken of Anne-Marie Pauley on the set of her "One Love" music video in 2009. Music Video, Song & Lyrics written by Anne-Marie Pauley Copyright 2009. AM's "One Love" music video: Are you like a stone? Are you a riddle in a poem? Are you that voice in my head? Are you the drop when I fall off the edge? I want to be an angel. I want to walk on the sea. So why do some people seem so unable to love without judging me? What happened to one love? What happened to love thy neighbor? I've got so many questions It's kinda funny 'cause there's always somebody with all of the answers Making me wrong. Will I go to Heaven? Have I been good? Should I be better? Well...I do no one thing, we may be different...but we're still the same. And what happened to one love? What happened to love thy neighbor? Compassion is what we need. Learn to be free... What happened to one love? What happened to love thy neighbor?


Anne-Marie Pauley Speaks . Tenzin Norbu interviews Anne-Marie Pauley on "The Life Of Universal Loving", July 30, 2012 at Blog Talk Radio. AM opens up and discusses her secrets, the art of love, the journey through healing...and all the difficulties in between. This is a 4 part interview series.

how beautiful you are

Photo by Anne-Marie Pauley I've written this blog and dedicated it to all who read it. May it help you. "Discover your beauty within, then never forget it. Because, no one can truly hurt you when you know how beautiful you are." ~Me...over a 2nd cup of coffee, morning bliss and a little funkiness of emotion. After being kindly reminded by silence, spirit, emotions taming and freshly brewed caffeine, I affirmed to myself: I am beautiful! And by-golly...people like me! Well, most people. ;) This is an amazing affirmation/pep-talk to tune into first thing each day. I wish you the same self-induced uplift. May no amount of failure or struggle with another person derail your life train from off it's tracks. Without our tracks there is nowhere for us to go, so we must stay on track. It's our only hope, and hope is everything. Failure and struggle is merely a part of the journey onward. It's just a ride some soothsayers have been kno

noble woman

Noble is a virtue that affects every soul As innocence effects the heart, we're effected as a whole And a woman has one virtue, to be noble 'till death Letting go in her battles, letting God in her breath A noble woman looks and lives in nobility Even if she lives in dire poverty A noble woman conceives a noble life No matter the surroundings, no matter the strife And as a mirror distorts her face when it's cracked Distortion will guide her back onto her track And as she wipes the tears away from both cheeks She's prays to God that the truth always speaks From the tip of her lips Into the rip in her heart A noble woman comes together And she nobly falls apart. -AM Sweet mercy is nobility's true badge. -William Shakespeare

Relax your body and mind and let your spirit fly... For lots of information on yoga, body, mind, spirit and wellness, please visit my BRAND NEW yoga & wellness website blog @ Below is a lovely piece written by my latest featured writer and author, Paulo Coelho at Undergo Yoga & Meditation . "Call it spirit, soul, life force, or what you may, there is that within us that knows who it is we’ve come here to be and what it is we’ve come here to do and if we don’t listen to its call, it begins to wane. This is when life becomes more about enduring until we die rather than thriving while we are here. Perhaps what our critics don’t understand is that beneath the layer of what they may refer to as “choice,” there lies another layer where lives the authentic self, and its voice perpetually whispers ever so softly in our inner ear, “Be who you are and you’ll find freedom, fullness of expression, joy, peace, purpose and meaning in

About the Author

Anne-Marie Pauley is an innovative, insightful and spiritually provocative writer, music composer, yogi and yoga teacher. Her debut album entitled, "Forward, The EP", released this year and is now available for download at Amazon and iTunes. She is the founder of Undergo Music Inc., Undergo Video & Publishing and Undergo Yoga. At Undergo, AM composes music, writes and directs music and meditation videos, scribes an abundance of blogs, and teaches yoga. Her creative hopes are very high and her aim is that of helping and sharing with those who seek change, inner peace and healing. AM's goal as an artist, as a human being and as student at life is to transpire the 'real' meaning of life, purpose and growth. She believes we can each experience these intimate and personal revelations via the simple virtue of our own self-discovery. "All it takes is love, patience and understanding."...she says. AM affirms daily that God is discovered in our deepest grat

white flag

"Yoga is the spirit and practice of moving into stillness." -Erich Schiffmann, Yoga Master & Author. You don't have to do asanas (poses) to do yoga. Yoga is a consciousness shifter. So, whatever that takes - therein lies your practice. And...we need to make sure we're tuning into our thinking . 'Thought' is the origin of consciousness, in my opinion. Everything begins with a single thought. Thought makes the world go round and round and round and round, not money. Money makes the world go insane, for the most part. Love doesn't really make the world twist and turn either, unfortunately. But thought ...thought will spin the earth in circles ‘til the cows come home - 'til the fat lady sings, if she ever sings. I know I'm enthusiastically anticipating the sound of the robust lady's voice. Whatever that even means. Maybe it just means there's hope for those who wait. I wait very impatiently. Speaking of impatie

cookie crumbles

"Nothing falls apart, it just falls into place." ~Me, talking to myself on a Tuesday morning. The day was blissfully youthful and this was my superlative testimony. This was also my attempt at shaking off an unwanted pressure emanating at my every sunrise. "Nothing falls apart!" ... I psychologically broadcasted my declaration of independence from all stressful circumstances to the subconscious revolt launching my thoughts into a rapid, space-like orbit. I felt like an astronaut, and Houston...we have a problem. Many. Now, time for coffee. Speaking of space, I'm actually a Houston native, born and raised. So, don't mind my fake and aspiring English accent, or my involuntary "New Yorker" tough girl demeanor, or my guru wanna-be persona, 'cause beyond this rewritten and re-invented, hopefully-evolved, but confusing version of my 'self', there's me . Just me. And, though my redneck twang has pretty much vanished o

The Tree of Life

 The Tree Of Life Today I feel like myself again, thank goodness. Yesterday on the other hand, I was defying myself. I spent my lazy Saturday defensively, though proactively brushing off the tail-end of a week long cold. I thought writing would be the perfect medication...So, I wrote. My lazy and antidotal Saturday... I haven't been sick in so long! I hardly know what to do with myself. I've officially been abducted by my snot covered robe, three boxes of Kleenex, hot tea, Chelsea Lately, and my yoga teacher study journal. It's been a shift in pace for me that's for sure, or more like an eternal interlude consumed by pacifistic moments. I strive to make the best of my challenging circumstances. And, though I've been sneezing away the days, I've allied my healthy vigor's squander with something more remedial than cold medicine and Vitamin C. I've meditated. I've also taken some time to appreciate the joy that lies in simply


                                                                   My tribute to Chloe Blohm (1991-2012) “Anything is possible if you believe!” -Chloe Blohm This was my friend Chloe. Chloe had Muscular Dystrophy. I've never met anyone like this sweet girl in my life. She was so free and so incredibly brave. She was empowered by a little body she could not move. She could not walk. She could only slightly move her neck and her hands. And, she was an artist - a painter, a writer, a poet, a funny-girl, a believer, a teacher. She was so intelligent, such an old and beautiful soul. Chloe just passed away this year. She was 19 years old. I want to share her message now. She did her best to do the same while she was here. Her message was belief in one's self and compassion for another . Her message was hope . Chloe spoke to children at elementary schools regularly. She encouraged these young people to practice compassion for those who are different  A brand new website dedicated to AM's Music, Yoga & Meditation.

Anne-Marie Pauley

 Anne-Marie Pauley The artist. The survivor. Her story and interview told by a good friend.  Where to begin... Anne-Marie Pauley is an innovative and soul-driven artist. She's a profound writer and a spiritually dazzling music composer. Her debut album entitled, "Forward, The EP" just released all around the globe and is now available on Amazon and iTunes for download. She is the founder of Undergo Music and Undergo Video , an independent music, publishing and film company featuring music, music video, film and meditation. AM's creative works are all written, composed and directed for each and every heart and soul out there in need of healing, and for all those in need of strength and a dose of hope. She artistically operates within the creative field of energy, body, mind and spirit. Performing all around the globe in a wide variety of venues, from the streets of Rome, to the most historic stages in Hollywood, and now performing