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Showing posts from January, 2011 the garden of eden.

 May the long time sun shine upon you And may all love surround you And the pure light within you, Guide you on your way on. -kundalini prayer I believe "home" is nowhere to be found until you have found yourself. This is my Garden Of Eden. This is my home...      Among the relic and ensconced roots that tangle below our melodramatic thorns of emotions and trauma, lie the seeds we've unconsciously planted since our unexplained birth. The years have passed now and the seeds have bloomed. We've entered our very own Garden of Eden, a greenhouse of life on the verge of death, defunct and parched, starving for sympathy's waters. We've planted fruitless vines, and we've eaten the one-and-only apple over and over again. We've tasted the luscious fruit and we've savored it's promised pain. We've voyaged across the murky swamps of circumstance and drifted into the ocean of thought flooding our minds and stifling our faith, a much required fait