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love's war

Music Video  Written and directed by Anne-Marie Pauley.  Featuring Anne-Marie's original song, 'Something Else' . ©2013. Undergo Music/Pauley Films. All Rights Reserved This is a music video/trailer I wrote and directed recently. This piece features myself and my original song, "Something Else", the second single off my debut album entitled Forward , which released back in January of 2012. Please stay tune for the forthcoming, full length version. --------------------------- One love is everyone's war. And though it seems a bit dramatic, it's very true. It's true, and yet it's daft. I say "daft" because war has been celebrated by a collective feeble mind for innumerous millenniums now. And that's unfortunate. It takes wisdom and compassion to refrain from fighting. Thus, war is in constant bloodstained-vogue. It's the new "black". Pun intended. War is a black whole. It's dark. It's