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                                                                   My tribute to Chloe Blohm (1991-2012) “Anything is possible if you believe!” -Chloe Blohm This was my friend Chloe. Chloe had Muscular Dystrophy. I've never met anyone like this sweet girl in my life. She was so free and so incredibly brave. She was empowered by a little body she could not move. She could not walk. She could only slightly move her neck and her hands. And, she was an artist - a painter, a writer, a poet, a funny-girl, a believer, a teacher. She was so intelligent, such an old and beautiful soul. Chloe just passed away this year. She was 19 years old. I want to share her message now. She did her best to do the same while she was here. Her message was belief in one's self and compassion for another . Her message was hope . Chloe spoke to children at elementary schools regularly. She encouraged these young people to practice compassion for those who are different