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falling free

Me (and Madonna) Part 2 When I move a certain way I feel an ache I’d kept at bay A hairline break that’s taking hold A metal that I thought was gold Your days were meant to fly and do                                                            I fall and fold mine into you                                                        And what you take is just enough And what you give is what I love -Madonna I really love this song by the one-and-only Madonna. It speaks to me.  Truth's language always speaks to me the loudest. So,  I've been writing and writing away the short days, and I've really been enjoying myself too. I'm writing something a little different right now. So, if I forget to blog it's because I'm at either at a Starbucks or a Coffee Bean somewhere in LA writing my very first screenplay.  I'll be the one sitting next to all the other people writing screenplays.  Script writing is not just a learning experience