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The Tree of Life

 The Tree Of Life Today I feel like myself again, thank goodness. Yesterday on the other hand, I was defying myself. I spent my lazy Saturday defensively, though proactively brushing off the tail-end of a week long cold. I thought writing would be the perfect medication...So, I wrote. My lazy and antidotal Saturday... I haven't been sick in so long! I hardly know what to do with myself. I've officially been abducted by my snot covered robe, three boxes of Kleenex, hot tea, Chelsea Lately, and my yoga teacher study journal. It's been a shift in pace for me that's for sure, or more like an eternal interlude consumed by pacifistic moments. I strive to make the best of my challenging circumstances. And, though I've been sneezing away the days, I've allied my healthy vigor's squander with something more remedial than cold medicine and Vitamin C. I've meditated. I've also taken some time to appreciate the joy that lies in simply