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a sad kind of free. Pisces...a strange month.

Poetry By AM. A sad kind of free. I was thinking to myself this morning...freedom is kind of an unyielding burden in away. To be free from "it all" can feel so good, yet it leaves you so lonely so often--lonely and tired. Tired of the fight. Tired of the world. I guess it's a sad kind of free . You lose everything and everyone you ever loved more than you could ever have imagined, then you let it go and it sets you free. It's really sad actually. Love does hurt. I don't care what they say. To love and then to set it free....that hurts more than anything in the world. It's a sad kind of free No more you and me No more reasons to be Strong for you It's time to be strong for me And it's a sad kind of free To fly away like a bird And to know I'll always love you And to love you will always hurt. AM   Another poem I wrote... Dance on emptiness 'Cause a solid ground is over rated Laugh when you'd rather cry Cry when you kn