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the road ahead

When we move, we pack all our heavy boxes and we wrap all our fragile belongings in newspaper. We repaint the walls and we begin to detach from a place we once called our home. Detaching becomes so natural when we know we're moving somewhere new. We just withdraw, and we do it without giving it much thought too. We just detach. There simply are no more attachments. Well, there may be a few, but we handle them the way we handle them, then we call the U-haul and we move on out. This is moving , in it's most typical sense. We've all done it. I've moved at least one hundred times. Relocating has actually become somewhat of a lifestyle for me. For some odd reason the tiresome traits that give moving such an unattractive appeal actually captivate me. I feel motivated by the inclination to pack up and go. It excites me. So yes, moving has become pretty typical for me because I personally need lots of excitement, but what's not typical, and what I wis