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point of convergence

Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope 2015 offers you vast visions, love, light, peace, and triumph. I've been away from my blog for a while. So, I wanted to drop in and share some news while I pontificate. For the past five months I've been screenwriting, an art form that's become my new favorite creative medium. There's just something about inventing a world and all the people in it... it's invigorating as f***!! Last summer, I directed and starred in the movie trailer for my debut feature film entitled "One Love, One War" , which was one of the most rewarding and fantastic experiences of my life. This includes the entire process - from writing the script for a year, to casting and meeting countless actors, to re-writing the script for 6 more months, to finding crew and discovering earth shattering talent, to meeting producers, making new friends, shooting, editing, releasing, talking shop, to NOW! And the journey has only begun, according to me