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about me

  ....  I love Marilyn Monroe. She was a beautiful, extraordinary, goddess princess. Nuff said.  I also like Italian food, long, corn ball walks on the beach... but this isn't a dating profile so let me get to my blog. It looks like dialogue cause I'm a screenwriter -- ANNE-MARIE EVANS (eating chocolate,   slightly  whimsical) As an artist!!! As an artist... as an artist -- Or, more specifically!  As a writer, director and musician... I just strive to help make a difference in the world... and that change starts with me. So, I tell   all  here at "Regarding Everything" in hopes of provoking more honesty and open-ess in the world "out there".                   (Beat) Because we're starving for open-ness and honesty!!! We want the truth!!!                   (Jack Nicholson voice)  But we can't handle the truth!!!  Seriously though, we're hungry.... They should put truth in $1 bean burritos or Kale. We'd ge