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break through

I got away from my blog for a few months because I've been working on a film for the past year and a half. I just finished directing, producing and starring in my first original short film. I spent over a year writing the feature and then adapted it into a short-trailer. I had the time of my life writing this story and taking so many leaps of faith - meeting so many new and wonderfully talented people. And now I'm excited to be onto the next step forward as a film maker, as a human being, and I'm grateful for the journey it's been thus far, and for the journey it will be. Words do not even begin to really describe how I feel about my life. Although, there is one word that can describe this feeling, this experience and every experience on that note. And that word is  Trust . To release the urge to contend with life as it is , is to trust. To resist that urge and simply  allow  rather than refuse is to trust. By opposing  what is  or what potentially will be , could