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you don't have to be meryl streep

Lights, camera... perfection ! There's a blazing Virgo disposition designing this woman, I'm referring to myself. So, I pretty much like to cruise through life at a more detail-oriented speed, to say the very least. As for my celestial jalopy with a set of wheels that keep on turning, I prefer to be in the driver seat at all times. I like to be in control, so if life really is a highway, then I'm definitely going my way too. And while on the road heading toward some unmarked destiny while driving much too fast and going my way, I violently collide with "mac trucks" as karma bites me in my ass for being such a control freak. I then watch my whole life flash before my eyes as though a near-death experience has just occurred, as though I'm a film star in an amazing near-death scene! On that note, maybe I'm a drama queen too, or maybe I'm just another actress acting like I'm "in control". Flashing. Flashing. Flashing back...