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the rest is magic

Patience is not what happens when we force ourselves to wait on something or someone. Patience is what happens when we redirect our attention. When we focus on something we CAN control, rather than something we CANNOT control...we allow things to be as they are, without fighting with it. And that's when everything starts to fall into magic. Magic is what happens when we don't force it to happen. And anxiety is what happens when we do. I've suffered from this infamous and unnerving ailment for years and years, and impatience is what has caused it! Anxiety sucks.  Impatience has been an astute and very cunning friend of mine since childhood. Today, we still stay in touch, but I try to keep my distance as I am focused on spending more quality time with patient me  now. Conscious me. Patient me + Conscious me = A Better me.    Looking back, way back...I think my attention span was dwarfed at birth, and so were my tolerance levels. Tho