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my revolution

"When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself." A memento yes, but a fact? Of course! But I can hear it now; " No no...that's not entirely true. I judge that person because they're hurtful. They hurt me! That doesn't define me. It defines them. " Or, " How is this possible? If I feel opposed by someone's misdeed, then how does that define ME? I'm opposed! Therefore I am defining THEM, I am not defining me .  " Oh how a good argument (with myself) can make the world go round and round. My world goes round and round like a hula hoop. It's as though my life depends on me entirely, like a child - like a needy, beautiful, nagging little kid. Life is demanding and loud. I have to jolt my mind and spirit hips all day long just to keep my head above the muddy water! If I stop, so does my world. Sometimes I stop on purpose. I stop and do nothing and it's incredible. It's so restoring. When my w

the rest is magic

Patience is not what happens when we force ourselves to wait on something or someone. Patience is what happens when we redirect our attention. When we focus on something we CAN control, rather than something we CANNOT control...we allow things to be as they are, without fighting with it. And that's when everything starts to fall into magic. Magic is what happens when we don't force it to happen. And anxiety is what happens when we do. I've suffered from this infamous and unnerving ailment for years and years, and impatience is what has caused it! Anxiety sucks.  Impatience has been an astute and very cunning friend of mine since childhood. Today, we still stay in touch, but I try to keep my distance as I am focused on spending more quality time with patient me  now. Conscious me. Patient me + Conscious me = A Better me.    Looking back, way back...I think my attention span was dwarfed at birth, and so were my tolerance levels. Tho

2 cent hillbilly

Hi ya'll. Welcome back to this here kitchen. And hell...welcome back to this here blog! As a writer and so many other things, I'd like to think that Regarding Everything is regarding YOU, in some way or another. So, once again thank you for stopping by. I hope I can make you think outside that cluster-f***** box, or at least laugh. I've always said laughter is the most affordable and self-efficient therapy there is to be had. Laugh when you'd rather not. You won't regret it. So, I'm from Houston. "Hillbilly" is not quite my geographical disposition, but man is it fun talking like one! And on that note, I must admit I did live in Hot Springs, Arkansas for two years, years ago. So, thanks to those of you out there yonder who taught me how to talk this way. Couldn't do it without you! This video blog is about one thing and one thing only. It's about YOUR SONG. Life in itself is a song, it's not just a dance. And your life is YOUR

a mental distraction

 A Mental Distraction is my is my latest video blog dedicated to all of you out there whom may be wanting to nourish a closer, more meaningful relationship with yourself. This video blog is for those of you who want to discover something inside of  yourself that you never knew existed, or you knew it existed, but you want to shed some light on it now so that you can live your life at your fullest potential, i.e. living in a more powerful mindset, living fearlessly and understanding your effectiveness in the world - your worth, your value, your self-acceptance. Maybe you want to improve your life, or your health, or a relationship that needs healing. Or, maybe you want to develop a stronger sense of self so that you're less confused and more confident. You might want to learn how to accept and allow things to be as they are more willfully, more openly. Surrendering and allowing takes work, so does discovering who you REALLY ARE. I hope I can be of help and of service.

less words, more feeling

Sending Love   to ALL. May we never forget to take a moment out of our busy days to feel gratitude for all that we have,  for all that we all too often take for granted. May we learn to remember these people always in the pits of our hearts, in the vibration of our voice, and in the contemplation that stirs our thoughts. May we remember those who are less fortunate so that we may pray for them - for their health, for their healing, for their souls, and for their happiness. May the world shift in its collective consciousness, starting with me. May our awareness deepen as our  intentions evolve, and may compassion save us each from our own self-destruction. Let's let love be our guide even when the going gets tough, because  Love  is  the answer, even when nobody's asking any questions.  Peace & Light, Anne-Marie

Step Back

Welcome to my living room. In this blog video I discuss the power of observation. We start to see more clearly when we observe rather than judge our experiences in life, be it positive or negative. We start to cultivate awareness and a deeper understanding for who we are and what we're here to do. When we observe our experiences, we begin to understand ourselves better - we start to know ourselves better. And that's what life is really all about; knowing thyself. When we know who we are, we can love others for who they are. And this could indeed make the world a better place. Life's curve balls are simply opportunities for each of us to exercise the power of our observation. Observe not to judge, but to examine and to learn from your experiences so that you may begin to detect the truth  that is hidden within them, the truth that awaits its discovery by you . The truth is in everything and everyone. Be a discoverer and you will know who you really are. There

better than insane.

Learn to nurture the new seeds of your well being. As I delightfully savor those sweet words of wisdom chanted in my morning meditation today, I take a deep breath in...hold, and release. My body relaxes like it's never relaxed before. I feel different. Am I different?  For the past two years, I've awakened to the early morning with a new habit awaiting my enthusiastic attention. Her name is Meditation. She's beautiful. We're in a passionate relationship with each other. When we break up, it's as though I'm completely lost. I'm confused. I'm tired. Angry. Bitter. My life gets the best of me. The corruption takes hold, takes advantage, and I'm trapped in threatening places I had once escaped. I pray in these dark places, after I scream. Then I meditate and we're together again.  And when we stay is good, even when it's not.  Needless to say, my early bird tendency to lean on God stays pretty consistent,

falling free

Me (and Madonna) Part 2 When I move a certain way I feel an ache I’d kept at bay A hairline break that’s taking hold A metal that I thought was gold Your days were meant to fly and do                                                            I fall and fold mine into you                                                        And what you take is just enough And what you give is what I love -Madonna I really love this song by the one-and-only Madonna. It speaks to me.  Truth's language always speaks to me the loudest. So,  I've been writing and writing away the short days, and I've really been enjoying myself too. I'm writing something a little different right now. So, if I forget to blog it's because I'm at either at a Starbucks or a Coffee Bean somewhere in LA writing my very first screenplay.  I'll be the one sitting next to all the other people writing screenplays.  Script writing is not just a learning experience

love's war

Music Video  Written and directed by Anne-Marie Pauley.  Featuring Anne-Marie's original song, 'Something Else' . ©2013. Undergo Music/Pauley Films. All Rights Reserved This is a music video/trailer I wrote and directed recently. This piece features myself and my original song, "Something Else", the second single off my debut album entitled Forward , which released back in January of 2012. Please stay tune for the forthcoming, full length version. --------------------------- One love is everyone's war. And though it seems a bit dramatic, it's very true. It's true, and yet it's daft. I say "daft" because war has been celebrated by a collective feeble mind for innumerous millenniums now. And that's unfortunate. It takes wisdom and compassion to refrain from fighting. Thus, war is in constant bloodstained-vogue. It's the new "black". Pun intended. War is a black whole. It's dark. It's

the true you and the fairy tale

  "I want the fairy tale." The True You is the greatest person you'll ever meet in your life! The TRUE YOU is divine and creative, brilliant and fearless. The True You is free from the un true you. Although, it can take many of us a lifetime, if not many lifetimes, before we ever begin to comprehend our true significance in this world; our value, our mission, our  purpose - our essence.   F irst we're born, then we have to grapple with the blight of growing old and tired with time , which is quickly flying by, and space , which there's never enough to ease the body and mind. So, our breath is short and shallow and our patience runs low as we squeeze ourselves in and out of trials and tribulations like sardines. We combat with karma's cause and all her brutal effects while we learn to live and love again here on Earth amidst all its war. And, we do this often. We do this often because first we have to break down like an old

the road ahead

When we move, we pack all our heavy boxes and we wrap all our fragile belongings in newspaper. We repaint the walls and we begin to detach from a place we once called our home. Detaching becomes so natural when we know we're moving somewhere new. We just withdraw, and we do it without giving it much thought too. We just detach. There simply are no more attachments. Well, there may be a few, but we handle them the way we handle them, then we call the U-haul and we move on out. This is moving , in it's most typical sense. We've all done it. I've moved at least one hundred times. Relocating has actually become somewhat of a lifestyle for me. For some odd reason the tiresome traits that give moving such an unattractive appeal actually captivate me. I feel motivated by the inclination to pack up and go. It excites me. So yes, moving has become pretty typical for me because I personally need lots of excitement, but what's not typical, and what I wis