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my revolution

"When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself." A memento yes, but a fact? Of course! But I can hear it now; " No no...that's not entirely true. I judge that person because they're hurtful. They hurt me! That doesn't define me. It defines them. " Or, " How is this possible? If I feel opposed by someone's misdeed, then how does that define ME? I'm opposed! Therefore I am defining THEM, I am not defining me .  " Oh how a good argument (with myself) can make the world go round and round. My world goes round and round like a hula hoop. It's as though my life depends on me entirely, like a child - like a needy, beautiful, nagging little kid. Life is demanding and loud. I have to jolt my mind and spirit hips all day long just to keep my head above the muddy water! If I stop, so does my world. Sometimes I stop on purpose. I stop and do nothing and it's incredible. It's so restoring. When my w