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Bring happy back. Don't worry about sexy because  happy is sexy.  And though it may feel fleeting at times, and ephemeral, and/or displaced or even gone, happiness is always here and it's always yours to keep, or better yet...  manage . If you can't manage your happiness, what can you do? Nobody can take it away from you. So, even if you think it's gone, it's not. Happiness doesn't get stolen from us because you can always BRING IT BACK. It doesn't just "run along" and it doesn't just "let go" or back out the way we do when we're... not happy. Happiness doesn't put in a 30 day notice because happiness doesn't leave! It doesn't move out. It moves within. Ergo, it's not a  feeling  because feelings are unreliable and they come and go. There's no tricks up it's sleeve. There aren't even twelve steps. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Happiness is a mind set. So, what's your min