Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. - Marilyn

Monday, October 17, 2016


Bring happy back. Don't worry about sexy because happy is sexy. And though it may feel fleeting at times, and ephemeral, and/or displaced or even gone, happiness is always here and it's always yours to keep, or better yet... manage. If you can't manage your happiness, what can you do?

Nobody can take it away from you. So, even if you think it's gone, it's not. Happiness doesn't get stolen from us because you can always BRING IT BACK. It doesn't just "run along" and it doesn't just "let go" or back out the way we do when we're... not happy. Happiness doesn't put in a 30 day notice because happiness doesn't leave! It doesn't move out. It moves within. Ergo, it's not a feeling because feelings are unreliable and they come and go. There's no tricks up it's sleeve. There aren't even twelve steps.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Happiness is a mind set. So, what's your mind set on? Cause if it's not happiness, than you're probably not happy. That's a no brainer. Often times, I'm not even mentally set on happiness. I set happiness down like a child and pick up a big heavy plate of bullshit instead. So, what I'm learning how to do better is to recognize that loser mind set - that negligence, and that child. Because happiness is what we are when we're children, hopefully. It's young. It's free. It doesn't worry about money or what people think of us. It's not insecure. And happy sure as hell isn't angry.

But when we're carrying around a big heavy plate of bullshit casserole, and then eating it, things are different. We're full, tired, slow moving, fast moving, angry, overloaded, under everything, depressed, unhealthy, and whatever else you want to add to the menu. It's a big menu with a lot of alcohol to choose from.

Then we serve that dish to the next hungry person because we've all got the munchies for big plate of non sense. But do my problems really deserve a hungry audience? And does that famished audience really make me happy?

You see. I think what we do is develop a strong craving for negativity and for the dinner room community it gains us. We serve all our crap on a silver platter and hope for the same in return. Because misery loves company. But there's only so much bullshit casserole we can eat before we feel like puking. And that's what happens. We, at some point, get so fed up with our own chaos that we have no other direction to go but... happy. If! If you chose to get your happy back. It's never too late...

Because at some point a dietary deficiency kicks in and we're left to think: what in God's name?? Why am I so full of shit? Why do I feel like shit? Why do I complain so much? Why do I lose my temper so easily? Why does everything have to bother me? Why am I such a jerk!?!

I need to change my mental diet.

We have to convert that negative mindset, that angry casserole, into energy the way we convert sugar and carbs into energy because we need energy for happiness and we have to give energy to happiness.

When we do, it isn't a heavy feeling. It's definitely not worry and panic, nor is it an ending. It's a beginning. It isn't the audience who will listen to our unhappy story. It's not a delicious meal we ingest only to regret it later because our jeans got a little bit tighter. It's not a career or a trip to Paris. Those are just sparks - they're moments. They're meals. They're adventures. They're highs and lows. They're stories. They're memories.

Happiness is more than all of those things because happiness is you. When you bring it back you realize everything else is bullshit. Bullshit casserole.

So, bring happy back. And be happy. Because you can be.