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better than insane.

Learn to nurture the new seeds of your well being. As I delightfully savor those sweet words of wisdom chanted in my morning meditation today, I take a deep breath in...hold, and release. My body relaxes like it's never relaxed before. I feel different. Am I different?  For the past two years, I've awakened to the early morning with a new habit awaiting my enthusiastic attention. Her name is Meditation. She's beautiful. We're in a passionate relationship with each other. When we break up, it's as though I'm completely lost. I'm confused. I'm tired. Angry. Bitter. My life gets the best of me. The corruption takes hold, takes advantage, and I'm trapped in threatening places I had once escaped. I pray in these dark places, after I scream. Then I meditate and we're together again.  And when we stay is good, even when it's not.  Needless to say, my early bird tendency to lean on God stays pretty consistent,