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the true you and the fairy tale

  "I want the fairy tale." The True You is the greatest person you'll ever meet in your life! The TRUE YOU is divine and creative, brilliant and fearless. The True You is free from the un true you. Although, it can take many of us a lifetime, if not many lifetimes, before we ever begin to comprehend our true significance in this world; our value, our mission, our  purpose - our essence.   F irst we're born, then we have to grapple with the blight of growing old and tired with time , which is quickly flying by, and space , which there's never enough to ease the body and mind. So, our breath is short and shallow and our patience runs low as we squeeze ourselves in and out of trials and tribulations like sardines. We combat with karma's cause and all her brutal effects while we learn to live and love again here on Earth amidst all its war. And, we do this often. We do this often because first we have to break down like an old