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white flag

"Yoga is the spirit and practice of moving into stillness." -Erich Schiffmann, Yoga Master & Author. You don't have to do asanas (poses) to do yoga. Yoga is a consciousness shifter. So, whatever that takes - therein lies your practice. And...we need to make sure we're tuning into our thinking . 'Thought' is the origin of consciousness, in my opinion. Everything begins with a single thought. Thought makes the world go round and round and round and round, not money. Money makes the world go insane, for the most part. Love doesn't really make the world twist and turn either, unfortunately. But thought ...thought will spin the earth in circles ‘til the cows come home - 'til the fat lady sings, if she ever sings. I know I'm enthusiastically anticipating the sound of the robust lady's voice. Whatever that even means. Maybe it just means there's hope for those who wait. I wait very impatiently. Speaking of impatie