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cookie crumbles

"Nothing falls apart, it just falls into place." ~Me, talking to myself on a Tuesday morning. The day was blissfully youthful and this was my superlative testimony. This was also my attempt at shaking off an unwanted pressure emanating at my every sunrise. "Nothing falls apart!" ... I psychologically broadcasted my declaration of independence from all stressful circumstances to the subconscious revolt launching my thoughts into a rapid, space-like orbit. I felt like an astronaut, and Houston...we have a problem. Many. Now, time for coffee. Speaking of space, I'm actually a Houston native, born and raised. So, don't mind my fake and aspiring English accent, or my involuntary "New Yorker" tough girl demeanor, or my guru wanna-be persona, 'cause beyond this rewritten and re-invented, hopefully-evolved, but confusing version of my 'self', there's me . Just me. And, though my redneck twang has pretty much vanished o