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A film by Anne-Marie Evans Hello again dear readers. Tis the season and I'm back on my blog! Happy Christmas (said in my English accent that I wish was real) and happy holidays, all holidays. It's been a bountiful year for me and these last six months have been persevering, to say the least. I launched my latest film trailer and crowd fund campaign, which you can visit here on Indiegogo .  I directed and starred in the trailer, which you can watch, and my plan now is to make the film! This is where you come into the equation. Yay! You get to be a part of this film too... if you'd like to be. Visit the  link and if you love what see and feel inspired, compelled, moved or even slightly entertained...then please do support my film. I spent an ass load of money making the movie trailer and I need an ass load of money to make the film, and assloads of money don't fall from trees, at least not yet, so donate to the making of this film, share the link, reach out to m

you and snafu

Photo and meme by Danielle Grunkemeyer.  I often wonder to myself... what does it really mean to be successful? 'Cause a Range Rover isn't going to do the WHOLE job. And whatever job it does do, it's going to involve heavy LA traffic, stop lights and me warding off impatience and anxiety in my attempt at being a better person. So, that surely isn't success. Kudos to my efforts at bettering myself, but the Range Rover just isn't the answer. Neither is the Oscar I hope to win one day... or the Emmy, or the Golden Globe, or the Grammy. Hell, I'm not picky. I'll take 'em all! And when I do, if I do, oh I hope I do... it still won't define success. It may for some, but not for me. Porque?? Because nothing's ever enough. My brutal honesty. It the "not enough" syndrome and it's probably something most of us can relate to in one way or another. This snafu complex has it's pros and cons too. You can get a lot done when enough i


This is me. And this is her. To start, I'd like to share this video from a song I wrote entitled "Something Else". This was the first single off my album entitled FORWARD , which   released back in 2012. This song is about hope and healing and so is the video. Without hope there is no healing and without healing there is no hope. They go hand in hand. There's nothing else without the two, and there's nothing to look forward to either. And that's p-r-e-t-t-y depressing. But there's an upside! There's a brighter side somewhere else... where the grass is greener (because you watered it) and because you made the effort to live and learn rather than just live and die. You choose the life you want to live or you don't, someone else does, and you live unhappily ever after. You choose. I choose. We all choose. We either opt for something else or we opt for nothing else and nothing changes. I want something else and I want it every day. That d

about me

  ....  I love Marilyn Monroe. She was a beautiful, extraordinary, goddess princess. Nuff said.  I also like Italian food, long, corn ball walks on the beach... but this isn't a dating profile so let me get to my blog. It looks like dialogue cause I'm a screenwriter -- ANNE-MARIE EVANS (eating chocolate,   slightly  whimsical) As an artist!!! As an artist... as an artist -- Or, more specifically!  As a writer, director and musician... I just strive to help make a difference in the world... and that change starts with me. So, I tell   all  here at "Regarding Everything" in hopes of provoking more honesty and open-ess in the world "out there".                   (Beat) Because we're starving for open-ness and honesty!!! We want the truth!!!                   (Jack Nicholson voice)  But we can't handle the truth!!!  Seriously though, we're hungry.... They should put truth in $1 bean burritos or Kale. We'd ge

Los Angeles

 This video features a version my song "Angel Out There" that's never been heard or released before, until now.  Moving to LA was the best thing I ever did. It's been 8 years and counting since I packed my little Honda to the brim and drove myself to the City of Angeles, though it feels as though it's been 20. How time has flown, and yet how time does stand still, when I stop to notice. To put it very plain, I've gone through a lot in this small-scale metropolis we call Hollywood. I've been very high and I've been very low, but like a colorful kite I'm still sailing in a vault of heaven on my heart's sky boat. Yes, my heart has a sky boat. I sail not the sea, but the sky because I prefer to be above not below. Rise above and carry on. My creed. Experience, hurt, challenge and triumph have all guided me toward my eternal moon where I wish to play among the stars one day. Until then,  I swallow the sun in my relentless effort to live t

point of convergence

Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope 2015 offers you vast visions, love, light, peace, and triumph. I've been away from my blog for a while. So, I wanted to drop in and share some news while I pontificate. For the past five months I've been screenwriting, an art form that's become my new favorite creative medium. There's just something about inventing a world and all the people in it... it's invigorating as f***!! Last summer, I directed and starred in the movie trailer for my debut feature film entitled "One Love, One War" , which was one of the most rewarding and fantastic experiences of my life. This includes the entire process - from writing the script for a year, to casting and meeting countless actors, to re-writing the script for 6 more months, to finding crew and discovering earth shattering talent, to meeting producers, making new friends, shooting, editing, releasing, talking shop, to NOW! And the journey has only begun, according to me