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This is me. And this is her. To start, I'd like to share this video from a song I wrote entitled "Something Else". This was the first single off my album entitled FORWARD , which   released back in 2012. This song is about hope and healing and so is the video. Without hope there is no healing and without healing there is no hope. They go hand in hand. There's nothing else without the two, and there's nothing to look forward to either. And that's p-r-e-t-t-y depressing. But there's an upside! There's a brighter side somewhere else... where the grass is greener (because you watered it) and because you made the effort to live and learn rather than just live and die. You choose the life you want to live or you don't, someone else does, and you live unhappily ever after. You choose. I choose. We all choose. We either opt for something else or we opt for nothing else and nothing changes. I want something else and I want it every day. That d