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Anne-Marie Pauley

 Anne-Marie Pauley The artist. The survivor. Her story and interview told by a good friend.  Where to begin... Anne-Marie Pauley is an innovative and soul-driven artist. She's a profound writer and a spiritually dazzling music composer. Her debut album entitled, "Forward, The EP" just released all around the globe and is now available on Amazon and iTunes for download. She is the founder of Undergo Music and Undergo Video , an independent music, publishing and film company featuring music, music video, film and meditation. AM's creative works are all written, composed and directed for each and every heart and soul out there in need of healing, and for all those in need of strength and a dose of hope. She artistically operates within the creative field of energy, body, mind and spirit. Performing all around the globe in a wide variety of venues, from the streets of Rome, to the most historic stages in Hollywood, and now performing


F o rward Movement A glimpse at my monthly newsletter...   Be Brave   "To be brave is to love someone unconditionally, without expecting anything in return. To just give. That takes courage." -Madonna Madonna was my hero growing up, still of many. An amazing human being she is, so strong, so edgy--so inspirational. And, by the merit of her gracious words, I am willfully reminded to have courage and fear nothing . Because, at the end of the day, we're all just learning how to survive together, and hopefully one day we'll be even closer together. All it takes is courage. What is there to possibly judge? And, what is there to possibly want from one another, and to long for, and to so passionately demand, other than unconditional love? Does the rest really matter? If the rest didn't matter as much as it does, i.e. the monetary, the need for security, the coveted "guarantees", our own reputation, if it didn't matter the wa