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sire of the jewel.

Sire of The Jewel. I needed this. I needed this struggle. I needed to see more clearly. Without this struggle...I'd be the same Lost without wisdom and unprepared for more pain. -AM "The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on your success, but on your significance." Dreams are seeds harvesting in fields of gold. Pictorial to our thoughtfulness, yet elusive to our mind, a prophecy promise thrives and flourishes bursting upward and onward like a castle in the sky, like the spirit after we die. And, as our paralleled lives turn all the tables around, we undeniably, though timidly detect our cryptic holiness amid every collision with life . We need the struggle to see more clearly, to see what we didn't see before. We have to withstand the devious and problematic interventions while at the brittle brink of death's illusions, because in an honest instant a sacred passion will spawn like a ray of light. We'll begin to inwardly