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Mother Nature

I just realized I've been away for several months. I'm producing a short film here in Denver, so I've been a bit distracted but in the most wonderful way. But, today I felt the urge to hop on here and say something. I vicariously live through a character in a series I'm writing right now. Her name is Jade and she's me. She's who I used to be and who I want to be. The only difference, she's won an Academy Award and I have not. So, you can only imagine how much I admire Jade. ;)

Any who. A lot of thoughts and chatter stir my mental soup these days, especially as a screenwriter. Everything I hear, everything I say... it can all be used differently. I can use it as great dialogue. Fearlessly. The conversations I have with myself and with other people are what inspire me the most and this is the beauty of character writing. It's truly a wonderful exercise for releasing - to vent through someone else, someone you invented, someone you didn't invent rather you just changed their name. My God! What a brilliant concept! Everyone should write at least one screenplay before they die. Seriously. Do it. Its' mega therapy.

But, getting more on topic...What I wanted to discuss is this: A tragic storm by the name of Harvie, also my Beta fish's name, just blew through Houston, which is my hometown. And another colossal storm just blew through India. These places are underwater and people need help, our help, any help. It's heart-rending, it's scary... and it's loud. It's very loud. What does that mean exactly? It's loud? It means I think this planet has spiraled out of control and Mother nature is angry, and God bless those who have fallen victim to her fury. I think we need to take a serious moment to reflect on this and dig deeper int our hearts and minds. There's an undisclosed meaning in the wake of just about everything, if you really think about it. Something always equals something bigger, even if it's tiny. The small things add up and become the big things. Yada yada.

I think what Mother Nature is trying to say is this, and I will do my best to channel what I think would be her voice... if she could speak using the English language:

I'm angry because this world is insane. The Earth is on fire, and though we do need that light and that flame to carry us and show us the way, we're burning everything down to the fucking ground. We're burning each other down (aka) bringing each other down and we're destroying the earth, each other, our animals, our children, our beliefs, our values, our rights and I could go on and on... Ashes to ashes, but ashes can't be used to light the spark that sets our hearts on fire, and we need that fire. It's a paradox, but so is the truth. We need the heat and we need the light in order to tread an honest path, but we can't just burn everything down to the ground. We can't just launch nuclear missiles, ban people who are different, hate people, hurt people, kill people. We've taken our fire and burned all the bridges that connect us to... each other. We do this by judging, blaming, disparaging, loathing, killing... We have angry world leaders and a human species beyond recognition due to an evil force so vile it can hardly be reckoned with. It must stop. -Mother Nature 

The world is quite gross when you think about it. Actually you don't even have to think about. All you've have to do is scroll through Facebook and Instagram feeds. You'll see it even if you didn't want to see it. You'll see some animal being tortured, a starving child, a poacher. You'll see it all and you'll probably cry or cringe, or just feel like shit for twenty minutes because the Earth is burning to the ground and money makes it go around. Insert Jewel song:

People living their lives for you on t.v.
They say they're better than you and you agree
He says "Hold my calls from behind those cold brick walls"
Says "Come here boys, there ain't nothing for free
Another doctor's bill, a lawyer's bill
Another cute cheap thrill 
You know you love him if you put him in your will 
But, who will save you soul... 

It won't be Mother Nature because she's pissed. All the chaos in this world -- the hustlers, the liars, the thieves, the killers. She's lost her mind too, and her roaring weather can't be tamed. But like you and me, she can be happier and we can help make the world a better place. We can serve our Mother Nature rather than infuriate her by lighting our own torch and helping others to find their way. In a universe built upon dirt and ash, we can still light our own match and we can use our own light to guide ourselves back onto a path of love and simple, human decency.

Because Mother Nature has once again poured her ocean of hurt over cities that are now in need of ample love and support. She's a collective force pleading with us. Begging us. Asking us to love each other, especially now. It's as if she's forcing us to. How interesting. I do believe this is God's world, not ours. I am not without a God, thank God. I do believe He is the father who art in Heaven, whatever that is, and she is the Mother who art here on Earth... with us. So, let's stop pissing her off.

Lets make love make the world go round.


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