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Wednesday, July 13, 2016


We often have to find love in our own little world to find any love at all. And that love is sacred.

The world is in so much pain. Terror of all sorts is sweeping the Earth with it's broom from hell and I'm left to ask myself: is this hell?

I don't know what I believe when it comes to the after life. If I die and go to Heaven then that would explain a lot, because this to me, feels a lot like the underworld.

Call me crazy but I think it could be possible, and maybe if we were having this conversation in person, you'd look at me the way you'd look at someone who is very strange, or possibly invading your space because they're standing too close to you at the check out counter in the grocery store. I've seen it with my own two eyes. I've seen people stand too close to me and I've seen them crinkle their forehead at the thought that this might in fact, be hell. 

"No way Jose. I don't agree." -someone listening to me talk, or reading this blog.

Lets face it. Nobody likes to think... or better yet, wants to think they're in hell. How awful is that?! So, my lone theory doesn't really mesh well with some, and it definitely doesn't fit together with the Bible's spin on things either. But then again, a lot of things don't. So, it's a good thing I don't read the bible. I skimmed through it. Not my thing.

I'm just saying. Who's to say we didn't all die and go to hell? Just take a hot sec to mediate on all the things that have happened here in the unnerving world we live in. We can easily start with all the fanatical terrorism. That seems to be alive and well. Then there's that little thing called greed and it's uncle Wall Street. There's your everyday liar, rapist and murderer. We've filled our prisons with many. We can even go back to 1346 when the Black Death occurred after a long winded witch hunt in Europe, and that also included a cat hunt because cats were witches too, says those whacky people. Those women were all burned at the stake. The cats were tossed into the fire. Anyway. A lack of cats caused a rat infestation. The rats carried a plague that couldn't be reckoned with and BAM! 100,000,000 deaths in just 4 years. And what would you know, the Christians found a way to blame the Jews for it even though it was a plague which was caused by flees, lots and lots of flees that feasted on the rats that traveled on the merchant ships safely because NO CATS. It had nothing to do with Jews. Then again, neither did Hitler's childhood traumas and insanity. But, the Jews suffered again!

So, we've got Hitler and the Holocaust. And there was also Stalin who, as well, forced starvation on a large population of innocent people. There were The Crusades, which lasted for 371 years, which to me, is on repeat today. Christians vs. Muslims. Nothin' new there. There's World War 1. World War 11 and every other war before and after that. There was the Great Chinese Famine in 1958 which wiped out 5 million people. There's ongoing sex abuse in the church, on the streets. Human trafficking. World hunger. More famine. Natural disasters. Homophobia. Police shooting black people, a black man killing police. I won't go on. It's starting to piss me off.

We all know it's terrible and it's got to stop. But will it? Maybe when the cows come home. But we're eating all of the cows, so they're never coming home. I get it. A burger is tasty. Not judging. But even for non-vegetarians. It's vile. We're losing our wild life to cold blooded people with guns and a wall to mount their dead trophy on. Dogs, cats. Torture. It's bad. Google it. No, don't.

We don't need to be killing our Elephants, or our lions, or every little thing with fur and a heart beat. I mean Jesus! What's with this world??? Elephants have families too, and lions and everything else out there being shot and going extinct. :(

I'm just saying. Maybe this is hell.. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if it was. But if it isn't, if this is just some in-between juncture for self examination and horror on some random planet in a Milky Way surrounded by far flung galaxies, then by all means, please do the examination.

Because when we examine ourselves, we can get to the heart of the matter. So...what is the matter?

We are. Collectively, we are a huge problem and the heart of the matter, and we do in fact MATTER.  Because, individually many of you are lovely human beings with gifts to share and love to give. Thank you. But, our world has gone up in flames and the only thing burning inside me now is my compassion for those who have to suffer because of us. The innocent people, the innocent animals.

So, lets just take a moment to reflect on the hell this species has created here on Earth and then let us remember: even if this is hell or it just feels like it is.. we can make it Heaven. Heaven is what's inside of us when we remember to love those who suffer more than we could ever imagine. Love is a consciousness that could, in fact, change the world. But that will take time, even if the cows never come home. Time will.

And time is all we have... to love.

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