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Friday, October 29, 2010

what's happiness?

A comic in New York just asked me this very question, just now...from out of the blue. I have to think to does one answer this question? A comic offers us a smile. Happiness offers us a choice. We can laugh, we can "escape", we can seek satisfaction, we can hope, we can linger, we can wonder, we can try, we can pray...we can move along now and just let it all go...and then we can cry, because after all of that, we can still wonder...

What is happiness?

I think happiness is really just a simple understanding, it's understanding our impact on one another. Once we realize our power, our real God-given power to love, help and inspire others, then we can achieve "happiness". To understand how precious every passing moment actually is, and then to recognize the vitality of our very own existence, that being our influence on others--how we help them, how we love them. Do we? If so, if we do the Godly deed, only then do we learn to know our self. We learn to know happiness. And to me, this has been a refuted revelation for mankind since the beginning of time, but it's a revelation, and it's the only one worth writing a blog about too. Oh yeah, they also wrote about this "happiness" stuff in the bible...and I'm pretty sure it's in the Torah and in the Koran, and any book by Buddha. I'm not sure about Dianetics though, L. Ron Hubbard was a strange cat. That's a little comedic relief for you. Gotta laugh if you're still alive right? Anyways, I think this is all Jesus was trying to say--understand the impact you have on others and know yourself, for this is to love yourself, and to love yourself is to achieve happiness. It's the only way. Those who are cognizant of who they are have actually found their way back home. Home is that sublime, yet inconceivable place that very few are able to return to, it takes us lifetimes, but it's those who are homeward bound who risk everything to live a life worth dying for. Home is where the heart is. Where there's a heart, there is love. Where there is love, there is happiness, and where there is happiness there is a life worth living for, and I life worth dying for. You gotta know your heart first and you gotta let it guide you...all the way home, if you're ever going to be happy. To resist the heart's cry and to hold back her tears is to never know happiness.

It's the happy who are fearless, and it's the fearless who really know how to love...themselves and the Earth that surround them.

It's the Fearless who change the world.

Love & Happiness to you,

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