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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

connected, a deep down kind of thing.

Tuesday, Oct 19, 2010

"When someone ruffles our feathers, it’s because we are seeing an aspect of this person that exists in us as well. We attract people who mirror our own negative traits.

That’s why these people are in our lives – to offer us an opportunity to transform ourselves, and our anger. It is in moments of darkness that we can find the Light. If we transform our nature and we don’t react with anger, life will become a little better each time we change. And slowly we can experience the purpose of our life – fulfillment."

-Yehuda Berg

We are all very connected. And to the person whom we find the most faults, that person usually being someone we love beyond our comfort, well...that person actually serves a divine purpose in our life; that person shows us what it is we need to change about our self. I think that's what Yehuda is saying, in a word. What I don't like about you, I don't like about me. It's a deep down kind of thing.

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