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Sunday, October 3, 2010


Tuesday 9/21/10

Our true enemy is actually our very own ignorance--Deepak Chopra's wisdom. To me, this is self-realization. Most of our life, for what it is and what it's going to be, is up to us. It always has been. We've been given the power to create; for what is a dream if we are not to create? Creating comes from deep within ourselves, it's practically buried, and we finally dig it up after our lives have finally dug us up...from what feel like a grave. I know I've died a few times. Creating is a profound belief in one's self, emanating from loving one's self and overcoming one's self. It's understanding that life will only be what we want it to be. Though we may beg to differ, I do sometimes. I have to ask myself; if life is what I want it to be, then what is it that I really want? 'Cause this is what I got and this is what I've created. My life is a reflection of me.  

We each have the ability to control and to create, but the two are not the same. We have to surrender. I believe when we surrender we become the true author of our life. We begin to know our soul and there is nothing to control anymore, there is only a deeper understanding. The power to create is to love, and that power, whether dormant or vigilant, is always inside of us sustaining and pumping honesty into our crippled and broken hearts. There's a vast amount of fearlessness deriving from within our souls when we trade in our tainted dominion in exchange for trust and healing. To surrender is to trust ourselves and to overcome ourselves. When we can do this, we can do anything and we can love each other. When we're not afraid of anything, we can create anything. Love is the seed, whether it blooms into a flower is up to you.

"Fear exhausts life energy; it is one of the greatest enemies of dynamic will power."

We create our reality after we realize we're not afraid to. And so the flower blooms.

Peace and Courage to you.

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