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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

don't fall for the crap.

 *Your True Self. I did some reading and some serious thinking on the plane over the weekend.

I think that these simple truths that I've added below, these reminders; what we are not, it's all the information we need to know to find our true peace in life. Peace is all we need to overcome the struggle of life, a peaceful mind and a calm heart. If we stop taking everything so personally, then we become our True Self--we become soulful and compassionate. We understand more when we're less involved so-to-speak, and when we're unattached in a healthy way. Unattached in a "healthy way", to me, means you stop for a second and you look at the bigger picture. You don't stop loving. You stop hating.

Everything means something. There's a reason for it all and everything does become a part of you, for the better or for the worse, depending on how you chose to respond to it. Our response is the only thing we've got going for us. IT'S THE ONLY THING. The rest of the "crap" is merely the test, it's the twist and turns that make us or break us. The "crap" is actually the test of fate, it's what we need to find God. Without the "crap", what would we fight for? It all does boil down to our response to everything, that's the real fight. What fate we chose is up to us, and our responses to the people we run from and the circumstances we deny walks a very tight rope when we're not at peace with ourselves, when the "crap" is getting the best of us. To overcome our self, our inner battles, is to truly love our self. It that simple. It's the work being done and an effort being made to become a better person. To love thy neighbor as thyself is to be at peace with yourself, but you must love yourself first. When you don't love yourself you can't love me. You can't love anybody else either. Period. Unfortunately this is the case for some, but I know we've all been here at this breaking point in our lives, at this cross road. We've all had to make the choice to respond lovingly or cruelly to another person. It's life, it's choice, and life can be so very sad and painful when we don't chose love. Life is crap when we don't consider the repercussions of our choices and our negative thinking, and when we don't stop for even a second to look at each other through the eyes of compassion and mercy, and when we don't utilize our higher being, the one we read about. Life is crap when we don't honestly forgive another human being. Life is crap when don't make any serious changes in our lives, the scary kind. Life is crap when we just keep running away, going around the same mountain over and over again. We go in circles and we live in pain and our life is crap. When we do stop to look, we'll see what we need to see. We'll see through God's eyes. But, when we continue to take everything personal, we continue to destroy our own life. And we do, indeed, stop loving, I've seen it done. Though, our True Self never stops giving and loving, the two are the same. This is the Soul, the Soul so many of us don't even know because we turn all of our tests and opportunities into crap.

~From AM.

What I read. "What you are not"...

You are not the body. 

The body grows and decays, it's insentient matter. The body takes birth and dies and feels pleasure and pain.

You are not your name.

"This is only an assumed title which is transient and can be changed. Did you possess this name before you saw the light, the name which you regard as your very self today? No, you did not possess it then. Will you retain this name even in your next life? No, you will not. Is this not another error on your part?"

You are not your senses.

Does your life come to an end when your eyes lose their vision, when your ears lose their hearing, your nose is amputated, or your hands and feet mutilated. No.

"Then, how can you be the same as the senses? Is it not, then, a mistake on your part to imagine that you are the senses?"

You are not your intellect.

"Just as you are cognizant of every movement of the mind, you are also cognizant of every phase of the intellect, every one of it's activities, the changes it under-goes, it's sublimity and depravity, it's purity or impurity, and it's right and wrong judgments. All these things come and go and are also subject to growth and decline, but you are always watching its movements. This is why you have often said, "My reason failed me, or my judgment got warped." This is too, another error on your part."

You are not the ego.

If you would use the word "I" while established in your True Self, that would be alright; "but instead, you assert your ego while identifying yourself with the totality of body, senses, mind and intellect." Error.

You are the Soul.

"You are the Pure, Enlightened, Eternal, Conscious and Blissful Self. You are not destroyed when the body is destroyed, neither are you created anew when the body is created. Your name cannot glorify you. You are eternally changeless. No one can abuse or insult you. You can remain eternally and unshakably poised in your Self. Try to realize this and remain unmoved by the polarities of worldly existence. The fulfillment of your life depends on you attaining this state."

Something to remember. Don't fall for the crap.


  1. Deepak Chopra would totaly agree with you. The soul goes deeper then anything else. Its good to understand the ego which tends to defend its self and sees it self as better then others.
    They did a survey where they asked many professional people, doctors, lawyers, dentists etc, how they rated themselves in their profession. They all said they were in the top 95% of their profession. Thats what the ego tends to do.
    So the ego creates some distortions of reality, either that we are great or worthless.

  2. Are we great or are we worthless? That's the extreme thought production of the ego. There is no balance in "extreme" anything. Extreme thinking is toxic. Where there is balance, there is harmony and willingness to care more about others. Balance is bathed in love.