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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

thank you tragedy.

This is from the deepest depths of my heart.

"Faith is the most challenging aspect to develop in ourselves. In order to have faith you have to have a crisis that requires you to find it."

I read that this morning. We have to have a crisis and then thank God for the crisis. Like Kurt Cobain once said, "thank you for the tragedy, I need it for my art."

We can do whatever we want to do with our pain, our crisis, our tragedy. We can do whatever we want. That's free will for ya! We can maintain the struggle, as though it's some kind of safeguard, for who are we if we were to actually let it go? Eckhart Tolle asks this same question in his book, A New Earth. This book really opened my eyes, and I needed to open my eyes at the time. I was blind to a lot of truth that I was refusing to acknowledge, and it was the kind of truth I needed in order to overcome some of the greatest pain I'd ever felt before in my life. I needed to save my soul. So...I questioned myself and I questioned those in my life. Who are we when we let go of our story, our reasoning, our judgments, our defense, our justification, our fear, our pain..who are we then? I say take the risk and find out. Why wait? I waited, but I'm not waiting anymore. I want to know who I am...above and beyond the tragedy. Don't you?

I heard a quote. I didn't know whether to laugh or think. "Don't be yourself, be a little nicer."

When we can find that perfect faith inside of us, the faith we find in the crisis inside of us, then we can sacrifice who we are to become the better version of the person we already are. We have to let it go in order to become that which we're not. And, what is it that we're not? We are not ONE. A lot of us aren't even nice. No "thank too's", no responses, no patience, no consideration, no concern, no regard. Hello! These are the basics. It's like taking the "Christ-Like 101" course, but we're too busy rejecting each other to enroll ourselves in the course and think bigger, and that's a fact. We can't pretend to be nice anymore either. We can't just say "I love you". We have to do it. Talk is cheap and pretending is dead, anything less than honest is obvious trickery to the soul. The soul is very wise when the soul is free. This is how I see it all at this point in my life, and I have a ways to go, this I know. I have learned that the pain induced by the feeling of being hated, rejected, lied to, tricked, and whatever it is the rest of us all go through on our journey to hell--it's not what we're meant to feel inside of our hearts. The heart hurts because of the pain we cause. It's wrong, but we don't know we're wrong because we don't all know what Love is, and until we do, we won't know how to get to Heaven. If we're made in God's image then why don't we see God in each other? To love is to see God in each other and that's it. This is my thinking, yes, but it's inspired by saints, gurus, Buddha, name it. I'm not original, but there's days when I feel like I'm from another planet or something, just living in this current, screwed up world.

We all want to be loved!! That's it. Plain and simple. So what's the problem?

*WE are the problem because we hurt each other. So, we're not ONE and we're not happy because of it. This is the root cause of our pain. WE cause it. This is something I'm realizing more and more. And, we can't cause pain and hurt someone else and expect the blessings of joy and happiness, success and whatever else we want at the snap of a finger to keep us company. That's not how it works. If I could put all the scriptures ever written into 5 words it would be, You Get What You Give. That's enough bible for me.

When we really let things go--when it's authentic, then we'll know what faith is. We'll know our self. We don't know who we are, clearly. For those who do, it's rare. God bless you.

Authenticity is the key. I read that somewhere.

I really get that "truth", for whatever it is, when it's detected it really is pretty simple to understand. We're the ones that make everything so difficult, complex, painful and deranged, but we don't have to. I like what Caroline Myss says. She's my guru. She says that often times, when we don't CHOSE faith, and when we don't truly forgive others by acting out of the power of our soul through the power of our Graces, we actually become pain seekers and we cause more pain because of it. "We've now made pain a useful servant to our self. This is one of our dark passions. This is Greed, this is not love."

Here's to faith. Here's to the tragedies. I guess we need them. They teach us how to love, truly love....well, eventually.

That was therapeutic.

Love and Light to you & thank you for reading.


  1. Neitche said don"t throw out the worst parts of you because they may be the best parts of you.
    Pain and difficulties of life build character and its a way to find out what works and what doesn't. Sometimes the worst thing that could happen may end up being the best thing.

  2. The worst thing is the best thing, always. If it's not hard, it's not good.