Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. - Marilyn

Friday, October 15, 2010


Today I opened my eyes and came across the words, "harvest reflections". These words were typed onto a plastic label that tightly wrapped itself around my burning, delicious cinnamon pumpkin candle. I had just returned home from a long run and needed to rest my brain and my body for a moment. I've always said that my long, daily runs are my greatest release, but they're not really. I think my nirvana, so-to-speak, is actually when I'm doing nothing at all--eyes closed, mind silent (easier said than done). So today, after I opened my eyes, I realized my candle was trying to tell me something. "Harvest Reflections". I almost neglected to take in it's actual meaning too, my usual response to a candle label is naturally frivolous and uninterested. But, I started taking it in. I thought about it. I think there's always a "hidden" message awaiting it's discovery, everywhere and anywhere--billboards, license plates, coincidences...the list goes on. Recently I read a license plate, it belonged to the car in front of me, and it read, "n2life". Strange...I thought. That's the name of my Myspace website. That person must be "n2life" too. Or, maybe this is just some kind of message. I must be on the right path, I thought to myself. I must be truly into my life. I had a silent conversation with myself for several minutes over that one. I figured it was a confirmation from Heaven. Sometimes a confirmation from the angels, or even just from someone we love, is so refreshing in this gigantic, but oh-so-small world we live in. Confirmation that we're loved is the greatest form of communication, be it from Heaven or from each other. And, I think that when we're "into our life", we're actually on the divine path, the path of confirmation--the right path for our life. It's the only path worth treading, the right path, any other road only offers us a dead end. Dead ends are painful too, but even the dead ends serve their purpose in our lives, they get us back on the right path. If we could just find some kind of joy while we tread along, even if it's in the smallest things, like a long run or even just a quite moment, then the path is just as it should be, paved to perfection. We inevitably move along in the right direction when we're on the right path, and finding the hidden meaning in everything does help our pace progress. We're all just headed somewhere, and there is a hidden meaning in everything along the way, if you look for it.

Today's message; "harvest reflections". As the candle burns, so does our reflection. It burns right through you and directly into me. I become a reflection of you. We're simply that which we reflect back to our self. I once was told that we're all just mirrors, an irrefutable reflection of each another. So, today harvest reflections, the kind you wish to see in those who you draw into your life, because I am merely a reflection of you.


  1. Yes messages from the universe.
    I was driving my car and I stopped as a man and woman were crossing the street. I have been thinking a lot about touring and whether I will like it and my manager keeps saying it's a lot of fun. As they were crossing in front of me the man said in a loud voice " but it's so much fun."

  2. :) That's a message to you. Go on a tour Grayson, get out of your element and try a new one.