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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


This is me. And this is her.

To start, I'd like to share this video from a song I wrote entitled "Something Else". This was the first single off my album entitled FORWARD, which released back in 2012. This song is about hope and healing and so is the video.

Without hope there is no healing and without healing there is no hope. They go hand in hand. There's nothing else without the two, and there's nothing to look forward to either. And that's p-r-e-t-t-y depressing. But there's an upside! There's a brighter side somewhere else... where the grass is greener (because you watered it) and because you made the effort to live and learn rather than just live and die. You choose the life you want to live or you don't, someone else does, and you live unhappily ever after. You choose. I choose. We all choose. We either opt for something else or we opt for nothing else and nothing changes.

I want something else and I want it every day. That doesn't mean I want everything to change on a daily basis. I love my life. It just means I rekindle my world on the inside, and as often as possible.  All it takes is gratitude, a deeper breath, more awareness and a whole shit ton more of that crazy thing called patience. And red wine. Ha! Now the will to change the things I have the power to change is mine for the taking. Cheers! Here's to something else! Something incredible. New directions. New perspectives. New beginnings.

A new path.

As for the path I've already beaten, she's a friend. She's been a jerky, uneven, rocky one at times, but she's still a friend - a noble one and much appreciated. Thanks old path! I have no regrets. She makes me who I am and she's gotten me to where I am. As for the turnpikes up ahead, that path I've yet to tread. All I know is she's a bit of a mystery, an alluring one to say the least. In my head she's everything I want her to be. She's perfect. I'm wealthy, maybe even famous. I'm driving a really hot car. I'm shopping in Greece. I'm super materialistic! Ha! A+ for keeping it real. I am only human. And in my human heart, the path I've yet to tread is actually the concrete beneath my feet right now. My heart says this fluffy rug and this cold hardwood floor, this soft breeze from the air-conditioner and my itchy toes, are what matters most. This desk where I'm writing this blog, the delicious fourth cup of coffee I shouldn't be drinking and the cute dog that's barking - it's her. She's the beauty in my bed. Her morning kisses.  It's this very moment. Perfection is right now says my heart. I have everything I need.

A new perception.

And in my soul, it's the only perception. Everything else is distortion. Life is now. To think it starts when I'm rich and famous, or shopping in Greece, or anywhere other than HERE is a false interpretation of the truth. And the truth is... life is a journey and it starts here right now, but that's not all. She's so much more. I have yet to discover her entire-ness. That could take lifetimes. I do know she's a constant reminder to just let go... because she doesn't last forever. She's short and sweet like a poem so live and let love. If we don't, then she's long and winded. And she's a lesson, a slow and painful one for many. I prefer poetry.

So a poetic path she is 'cause she's what's written. She's destiny. She's serendipity and a parallel life. She's beautiful. And until the mysterious future shows its face, life is what she is and what's meant to be will be. I like to call my life a she because I see her as female... like me. Like mother earth. Like the spirit goddess within. She's the woman who gives birth to healing hands and hearts that weep with mercy. She grants consistency to hope. I relate. I understand. And yet, I have so much to learn... about myself.

About her.

I feel deeply compelled to discover her meaning though - her outcomes amidst her battles, her victories amidst her glories. 'Cause this is me... and this is her. And yes Madonna, life is a mystery but we don't have to stand alone. I prefer to dance... and it's takes two to dance together. To dance with her...

But it only takes one to discover her meaning. And One Love is indeed... her glory. And it's Something Else.

Enjoy the video! Sat nam.

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