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Thursday, July 5, 2012

About the Author

Anne-Marie Pauley is an innovative, insightful and spiritually provocative writer, music composer, yogi and yoga teacher. Her debut album entitled, "Forward, The EP", released this year and is now available for download at Amazon and iTunes.

She is the founder of Undergo Music Inc., Undergo Video & Publishing and Undergo Yoga. At Undergo, AM composes music, writes and directs music and meditation videos, scribes an abundance of blogs, and teaches yoga. Her creative hopes are very high and her aim is that of helping and sharing with those who seek change, inner peace and healing. AM's goal as an artist, as a human being and as student at life is to transpire the 'real' meaning of life, purpose and growth. She believes we can each experience these intimate and personal revelations via the simple virtue of our own self-discovery. "All it takes is love, patience and understanding."...she says. AM affirms daily that God is discovered in our deepest gratitude, and she gives thanks to all life and to all whom have crossed her path and shared a part of their life with her. "Even the pain has purpose, because everyone is a message. Everyone can be someone very special to us if we just take a closer look at them. If we can see their soul, we're golden." AM also offers her deepest gratitude and appreciation to all those out there who strive to empower the world by empowering themselves.

"May we each undergo and overcome the name of Love and self-discovery." -Anne-Marie Pauley

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