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Saturday, December 12, 2015


A film by Anne-Marie Evans

Hello again dear readers. Tis the season and I'm back on my blog! Happy Christmas (said in my English accent that I wish was real) and happy holidays, all holidays. It's been a bountiful year for me and these last six months have been persevering, to say the least. I launched my latest film trailer and crowd fund campaign, which you can visit here on Indiegogo. I directed and starred in the trailer, which you can watch, and my plan now is to make the film! This is where you come into the equation. Yay! You get to be a part of this film too... if you'd like to be.

Visit the link and if you love what see and feel inspired, compelled, moved or even slightly entertained...then please do support my film. I spent an ass load of money making the movie trailer and I need an ass load of money to make the film, and assloads of money don't fall from trees, at least not yet, so donate to the making of this film, share the link, reach out to me on Facebook! Seriously. Any support is FANTASTIC.

This is a film that will inspire people. Why, because we all suffer and overcoming that bondage is inspirational. This film will make you smile and it will make you cry. It does all those delicious things that wake us up inside and make us think. And, these are the kind of films we need in today's world...because today's world is horrid! Love to all who fall victim to the atrocities. God bless and God speed.

My film Cookie is about an FBI agent turned suicidal drug addict. After two sudden deaths violently knock agent Alex Anderson of her feet, she loses all hope and feels as though she has nothing to live for anymore... until she meets Cookie, the adorable little white dog, and his owner David. This is a film about loss - loss of the ones we love, loss of hope. Addiction is the undertone in this film, recovery is the intention and love is the reverie. Love is the spirit. So, for anyone who's ever had a dream, lost a loved one, lost all hope, fallen to addiction, overcome addiction and/or gained a new found glory and sense of hope by virtue of wisdom and truth, then this film is for you. There is a light at the end of the tunnel regardless of how far-flung it may seem, and that light shines for everyone. Please support, and if you do... THANK YOU. If you don't want to, thank you for reading. And do it  anyways! Because there's always time to change your mind. And there's always room for more love and support in the world. :)

As for the world outside my movie, it's tragically bitter and seems to be getting colder and colder each day. So, we have to suit up and stay warm... within. Braid your heart with your mind and defy evil with your actions and your smile because joy is what disturbs the monster-people the most, so stay happy in this unhappy world. Stay strong. And stay you.

Press onward and upward. Peace. -AM

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