Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. - Marilyn

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

about me

  .... I love Marilyn Monroe. She was a beautiful, extraordinary, goddess princess. Nuff said. 

I also like Italian food, long, corn ball walks on the beach... but this isn't a dating profile so let me get to my blog. It looks like dialogue cause I'm a screenwriter --

(eating chocolate, 
 slightly whimsical)
As an artist!!! As an artist... as an artist -- Or, more specifically!  As a writer, director and musician... I just strive to help make a difference in the world... and that change starts with me. So, I tell all here at "Regarding Everything" in hopes of provoking more honesty and open-ess in the world "out there". 
Because we're starving for open-ness and honesty!!! We want the truth!!! 
                 (Jack Nicholson voice) 
But we can't handle the truth!!! Seriously though, we're hungry.... They should put truth in $1 bean burritos or Kale. We'd get so fat on authenticity and virtue. It'd be awesome, in a fat way. We're also totally desperate, if not needy, for love! But I'm not judging. I'm totally needy and desperate for love too, every second Sunday of the month and maybe on Tuesdays. Or possibly every day but who's counting?  I am! Why!? Cause I'm a WRITER and WE GOT ISSUES and I gotta figure my shit out fast so I can write about it! And tell all! Ha. Now give me a cookie for my honesty. Or a glass of wine. I'd prefer a glass of wine actually, that way I can drown my issues in antioxidants, "oh shit!" text messages, and a good buzz.   
                 (totally humored by my own humor)
No, but seriously. My issues are beautiful. They give me "curves". Not physical curves though. I'm actually pretty thin. It's genetic. My mom is a treadmill. Spiritual curves is more like it. I don't go straight (ever)... I swerve to the left then to the right. I ride the waves like a surfer goddess. I bend. I break. And I say fuck it! #repeat.
I dare to live on the edge where it's risky... where I'm broken and beautiful. And thus, my issues.  But we all have them... whether we swerve hard and to the left or we play it safe. We all meander through the day 'doin' our thang' in hopes of NOT being confused anymore and maybe discovering our life's purpose one day.  And I believe we can obtain our life-purpose info, as well as more love and more truth more abundantly through the art of self profession and self-discovery... and include in there a deeper connection to others. Yes, it's an ART. Get my drift? That doesn't mean you have to paint, or sculpt, or web design, or act, or sing or write screenplays... It just means your art is what's in your heart, and we've all got a heart. So I simply dare you to DIG and go deeper within your own core. 
                (Clever, poetic)
What's your heART say? Do you dream beyond the night and day? Life is but a dream... or a nightmare depending on how you perceive it. So I say change your perspective! Dream. Listen to your heart. Get more real by getting more free... and then fly like a bird. And may that Free Bird journey be a glorious one...for you and for me. Sat Nam. 


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