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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Los Angeles

 This video features a version my song "Angel Out There" that's never been heard or released before, until now. 

Moving to LA was the best thing I ever did. It's been 8 years and counting since I packed my little Honda to the brim and drove myself to the City of Angeles, though it feels as though it's been 20. How time has flown, and yet how time does stand still, when I stop to notice. To put it very plain, I've gone through a lot in this small-scale metropolis we call Hollywood. I've been very high and I've been very low, but like a colorful kite I'm still sailing in a vault of heaven on my heart's sky boat. Yes, my heart has a sky boat. I sail not the sea, but the sky because I prefer to be above not below. Rise above and carry on. My creed. Experience, hurt, challenge and triumph have all guided me toward my eternal moon where I wish to play among the stars one day. Until then,  I swallow the sun in my relentless effort to live the truth and comprehend that which is not. I swallow the sun and hope to show everyone the light within us all when we strip the silence and flip the violence inside out. Look within and look closely. I paint my silver linings on a day-to-day basis. Without them, I'd be lost.

So, thank you LA. You gave me the silver on my search for the gold.

I've grown up in la la land, a "boom town" often mistaken for a big city. But it's not a big city, and I have a profusion of synchronicity to prove it. Yes... serendipity and parallel lives are both the platforms in which my life has been built upon in Los Angeles. And though the seasons have shifted and some's chapters were dwarfed, I'm thankful for the experience despite the ending. I believe there is a divine reason for every human interaction regardless of the effect it has on me. I win some and I learn some. I don't lose some.

Because there's nothing left to lose, and when there's nothing left to lose...everything that's left is all that you need. 

And I'm grateful for everything that's left and for my spirit soldiers who still embrace this season with me today. I'm honored to share my journey toward a mystery with each of you. Love, Friendship, Support... it's everything.  That's why I've made this video.

This is my tribute to the dream and the people who have loved me along the way. Thank you.

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