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Thursday, January 1, 2015

point of convergence

Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope 2015 offers you vast visions, love, light, peace, and triumph.
I've been away from my blog for a while. So, I wanted to drop in and share some news while I pontificate.

For the past five months I've been screenwriting, an art form that's become my new favorite creative medium. There's just something about inventing a world and all the people in it... it's invigorating as f***!!

Last summer, I directed and starred in the movie trailer for my debut feature film entitled "One Love, One War", which was one of the most rewarding and fantastic experiences of my life. This includes the entire process - from writing the script for a year, to casting and meeting countless actors, to re-writing the script for 6 more months, to finding crew and discovering earth shattering talent, to meeting producers, making new friends, shooting, editing, releasing, talking shop, to NOW! And the journey has only begun, according to me.

Now I'm onto my second and third script simultaneously and I couldn't be more delighted to be drawing my precious focus in amidst this new year kick off! What better time than now. 2015 here I come. Focused and ready.

I realize it's FOCUS that makes me ready and anything is possible, especially screenwriting. Plain ol' FOCUS is all it takes to create the life you want to live, or don't want to live. I can pray all day long and ask the man in sky to open all the doors for me and make my wildest dreams come true, and I do. I most certainly do. I ask the man in the sky for lots of stuff. Sometimes I even beg him. I call those PMS induced prayers. I may whine a little too, but we all have our off days. I also ask favors from the man on the cross, the man with the white beard and the turban, and my favorite holy Hindu man. Oh Shiva, please do destroy this for me. It's annoying. Thanks! 

I ask a lot of men to do a lot of things for me. Ha. Dear God guy, would you please..? Could you please..? With a cherry on top? Amen.

But let's get serious, without my focus I can't expect any of these "men" to do anything at all. I believe God is in our actions and our words. And if we neglect or just forget to do and say something powerful and effective (on a regular basis), then there is no God and life sucks.

I have to do the dirty work. I have to speak up, and so does everyone else with a dream and a purpose. I have to tame my possible A.D.D. (Gemini) like a lion first. I have to tune in and tune out, step back then jump in as though diving head first into a sea of solution. Focused I am because it's a new day damn it! And it's a new dawn and a new year, and like Joan Didion once said: "I have already lost touch with a couple people I used to be". So, forget who you were and be who you are. Lose touch. Lose all your senses. Be typhlotic and perceive all that never was so that you can detect all that is with joy, wisdom and strength. Wonder off like a child if you must, but only to discover where you are, not where you're going.

And sense the truth all her grace and glory, and in all her mystery and suppleness. Then notice your horripilation, your skin bumping up, as you intensify as though a lover's coming close. You're honest now. Things are clear. You know what's up. And she gets closer - guiding you to freedom, guiding you to you where you find your point of convergence.

The truth is lovely.

Sat Nam. Happy new day and new year.

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