Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. - Marilyn

Thursday, August 8, 2013

a mental distraction

 A Mental Distraction is my is my latest video blog dedicated to all of you out there whom may be wanting to nourish a closer, more meaningful relationship with yourself. This video blog is for those of you who want to discover something inside of  yourself that you never knew existed, or you knew it existed, but you want to shed some light on it now so that you can live your life at your fullest potential, i.e. living in a more powerful mindset, living fearlessly and understanding your effectiveness in the world - your worth, your value, your self-acceptance.

Maybe you want to improve your life, or your health, or a relationship that needs healing. Or, maybe you want to develop a stronger sense of self so that you're less confused and more confident. You might want to learn how to accept and allow things to be as they are more willfully, more openly. Surrendering and allowing takes work, so does discovering who you REALLY ARE. I hope I can be of help and of service.

And, if you just need a laugh...perfect.

That's what I'm here for. I'm Anne-Marie Pauley and I'm not an alcoholic, but I do like a glass of red wine from time-to-time, and I also really enjoy combining comedy with spirituality. Does it get any better?

In this video blog, I've exploited my two personalities with positive intentions, and I say "my two personalities" with no shame because I don't have any. I've looked. IT'S NOT THERE. But, I do have different personalities! That's been confirmed. I'd like to think that I just have lots of ideas and lots of animus, but I have to be honest. I was born on the cusp of Gemini, so hot and cold are two "temperatures" that I'm very well aware of. I'm also familiar with luke warm, icy-cold, room temperature, boiling hot... On that note, I probably have four personalities. Maybe five. Maybe ten. But hey, whose counting? As long as they're all changing for the better, I'm fine with it. Make the world a better personality at a time. Right?

I consider myself a vindicated spokesperson for love's intentions and the power of laughter. I advocate these two very good pointers here at Regarding Everything, as well as at my yoga blog Undergo Yoga, and via my blog videos at Youtube. Why? Because I believe laughter and love are one, unless of course we're laughing at someone and hurting them while we do it, then we're just being an asshole and "oneness" has left the room. And that doesn't mean grab the wine! I use to grab the wine when oneness left me and the room got shitty. Now I grab my computer and I write a blog! Or an email...

I believe in keeping oneness in the room - in every room if possible. And I affirm that love's intentions combined with laughter are the most practical and sufficient tools for doing so. Love and laughter are the remedies for curing the injured heart. A heart that's free of pain can transpire, and hopefully inspire, unity - oneness. It just takes work. Constant work. Laughing is conducive.

Laughter + Loving Intentions = Oneness. Yea!!!

So, when we're not laughing we probably should be, unless we're meditating or something. Then okay. But if we're not laughing because we're angry, then we probably should laugh instead. Just saying.

Because life is short...even when the days are long. It's still short. Our time here is limited, but it's still sacred.  If lived to serve others, our existence is divine. If lived to defy our fears and expand in our consciousness, our journey is cherished. Our life is simply perfect if lived to love always.


Love Always,

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