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Monday, July 15, 2013

Step Back

Welcome to my living room. In this blog video I discuss the power of observation. We start to see more clearly when we observe rather than judge our experiences in life, be it positive or negative. We start to cultivate awareness and a deeper understanding for who we are and what we're here to do. When we observe our experiences, we begin to understand ourselves better - we start to know ourselves better. And that's what life is really all about; knowing thyself. When we know who we are, we can love others for who they are. And this could indeed make the world a better place.

Life's curve balls are simply opportunities for each of us to exercise the power of our observation. Observe not to judge, but to examine and to learn from your experiences so that you may begin to detect the truth that is hidden within them, the truth that awaits its discovery by you. The truth is in everything and everyone.

Be a discoverer and you will know who you really are.

There's a reason for everything and for everyone whom crosses your path. Whether it be long term or short, re-occuringly or one-time only, everyone has a purpose and everyone has a message for you.

Indeed, how they deliver that sacredness will vary in itself, but regardless there will be a message and there will be a lesson. There will be karma, but there will be an opportunity for change. So, don't miss it!

We just have to Step Back first and B-R-E-A-T-H in order to obtain the message - in order to learn the lesson. In order to change and to live beyond our limits. We have to step back if we're ever going to truly step forward.

So step back and let yourself start to see more clearly by standing outside of your experiences. Rather than reacting to the experience, start to observe it.

OBSERVER it. ACKNOWLEDGE it and BREATH. Then you'll see the circumstance for what it really is.

Because it really is a BLESSING.

And with that, there is no need to judge anything. Life just is..... and so are you.  

You are what you see.

Love & Light,


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