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Friday, May 17, 2013

falling free

Me (and Madonna) Part 2

When I move a certain way
I feel an ache I’d kept at bay
A hairline break that’s taking hold
A metal that I thought was gold

Your days were meant to fly and do
                                                           I fall and fold mine into you
                                                       And what you take is just enough
And what you give is what I love


I really love this song by the one-and-only Madonna. It speaks to me. Truth's language always speaks to me the loudest.

So, I've been writing and writing away the short days, and I've really been enjoying myself too. I'm writing something a little different right now. So, if I forget to blog it's because I'm at either at a Starbucks or a Coffee Bean somewhere in LA writing my very first screenplay. 

I'll be the one sitting next to all the other people writing screenplays. 

Script writing is not just a learning experience for me, it's a voyage. Not only have I mentally and happily wondered off down a dirt road somewhere in Germany, but an imaginative world has evinced its self and taken hold of me like a fury - lifting me from the earth like a hurricane. Miracles manifest like magic while I get to travel back in time. I feel elated and excited to be broadening my horizons, making room for more sun "light". Though, I also feel a bit under pressure. Pressure is good though. Without it, there wouldn't be any diamonds. 

And diamonds are forever.

While writing this story, I've noticed myself living vicariously through the characters as though a familiarity and/or a longing has taken over me - a possible longing to make right. To correct something. A friend of mine recently said to me; "You're playing a Nazi again. I think there is some karma there."

Could I have possibly been a Nazi in a past life? How haunted I am by such a question.

I transpire through the characters while I ponder on my eternal history, a cloudy past life with meager sunshine. My mind has yet to be spotless. And thus, these character are my expressions. They are my outcry and my mania for rectitude. They are the truth and they are the lies. 

There's a spectral nature to the tone of this film - death and phantom are an influential force. Evil is the deadly force, and God is the driving force. It's a period piece that takes place in World War II. 

I'll be directing this picture as well as starring in it. I'm working with some incredible actors who have blessed me with their enthusiasm, their time and their talent. I'm thankful beyond words. Gratitude fills all those empty spaces inside of me. I'll be blogging all my directorial debut adventures as I go.

My mission and hope is that we progress together as a creative community and as a united world working together to make the world a better film at a time. One song at a time. One day at a time. 

I look forward to sharing more with you.

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