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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

love's war

Music Video Written and directed by Anne-Marie Pauley.
 Featuring Anne-Marie's original song, 'Something Else'.
©2013. Undergo Music/Pauley Films. All Rights Reserved

This is a music video/trailer I wrote and directed recently. This piece features myself and my original song, "Something Else", the second single off my debut album entitled Forward, which released back in January of 2012. Please stay tune for the forthcoming, full length version.


One love is everyone's war. And though it seems a bit dramatic, it's very true. It's true, and yet it's daft. I say "daft" because war has been celebrated by a collective feeble mind for innumerous millenniums now. And that's unfortunate.

It takes wisdom and compassion to refrain from fighting. Thus, war is in constant bloodstained-vogue. It's the new "black". Pun intended. War is a black whole. It's dark. It's gruesome. And yet, hostility, fights and killing sprees are all very popular things to do...for some assholes. But it's all very unoriginal.

Victory, on the other hand, is so unique! Triumph is creative and effective! It's shrewd but sensitive. And though discreet and unassuming we are at times in our  reigning eras, our victory is still closely examined by its fearful on-lookers. It may even be a little unorthodox too; having strength and power. And I'm not referring to the kind of power we've coated in politics, blood-shed, and religious name tags. I'm also not talking about the kind of power that strokes our hardened and precious ego causing us to trip either. I'm referring to the kind of triumph that requires a massive and very personal transformation, an internal revolution so-to-speak, one that would require a heightened, and very keen sense of awareness, patience, and capacity to forgive

I'm talking about REAL POWER. 

Real Power needs NO WAR. 

Real Power just needs to be understood. 



REAL POWER is Compassion. 

Though sadly, love and compassion are often a one way street, but it's the only road that takes us home. Where the heart is. No matter who we are or what they say, our grace and our compassion for one another are the only two keys that can unlock our spirit doors, and these are the doors that can open us up again, that can open our hearts again. We can open our minds to a whole new perspective and we can give our lives a whole new meaning. We can begin to define ourselves as ONE, giving rise to the spirit as we give praise to each other.

Only then, will The Battle of Suffering desist. Until then...One Love will forever be ONE WAR.


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