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Friday, June 8, 2012

white flag

"Yoga is the spirit and practice of moving into stillness."

-Erich Schiffmann, Yoga Master & Author.

You don't have to do asanas (poses) to do yoga. Yoga is a consciousness shifter. So, whatever that takes - therein lies your practice.

And...we need to make sure we're tuning into our thinking. 'Thought' is the origin of consciousness, in my opinion. Everything begins with a single thought. Thought makes the world go round and round and round and round, not money. Money makes the world go insane, for the most part. Love doesn't really make the world twist and turn either, unfortunately. But thought...thought will spin the earth in circles ‘til the cows come home - 'til the fat lady sings, if she ever sings. I know I'm enthusiastically anticipating the sound of the robust lady's voice. Whatever that even means. Maybe it just means there's hope for those who wait.

I wait very impatiently.

Speaking of impatience, that too can change. We can all be more patient. The cows don't have to come home first and a plump person doesn't have to sing. Although, singing is very liberating no matter how big or small you are. To harmonize out loud and to dance while you sing is to vindicate your self. All the monotonous holds us back. We need our freedom! We need peace. We need to love more and more fearlessly. And...we seriously need to lose ourselves. Only then can we find ourselves.

We're too bottled up, but we're the message in the bottle that contains us...

And, in this ocean of creation and consciousness, we can ride a wave that will carry us to the shore. And, to love and to sing while we sail the sea is to compose the wind and the tide that will guide us. Break free from your glass container and dive into the waters of love and peace. Sing and dance in the sand on the beach. Sing and dance your life away! Lose yourself! Find yourself! Be exhorted by your creative compulsion!

That's my motto.

While on my sail boat riding tsunami waves and tightly nestled in my "canteen", I find myself working on becoming a more patient human being, hence the tsunami waves. I realize I don't have much time to waste either. I have a message and I want to share it. We all have a message and I believe 'patience' is our messenger, our teacher - our spirit. Fortitude is the spawn of solitude, and I've deemed solitude the founding father of patience. I've had to learn how to slow down, do less. They say less is more. In this learning process, this strange undertaking called 'life', this onward cycle of deliberations and heart and soul consultations, I've had to transcend myself to a more advanced barrier: my own mind, an institution of illusion - a psych ward where girl is indeed...interrupted. This girl. That girl. Everyone is punctuated and even sabotaged by their own psyche. On the contrary, I'm also a bit impassioned by it; all my pens and needles, my eager sensitivities, my mental waves and theatrics, all my energy anomalies...I just try to make the best use of it, when I have the strength. Without my much-needed strength, which I do sometimes fail to acknowledge, I suffer an over-the-top restlessness; a top-heaviness exclusively stemming from all my thinking. Hello awareness.

Hello patience.

What feels to me like a bona fide mission impossible, is in fact a mission very possible. To be patient or not to be...that's not a question.

"I think therefore I am." -Rene Descartes

It's been said a hundred times before; "Change your thinking...change your world." To surrender: to traverse from the mind all the way back to the heart, to let go and let God, for as much as it releases us from a lot of our internal chaos, it's also a very painful process. Patience pays, but it's gonna cost us first. It's going to cost us all of our stories and all of our lies, all of our demands and all of our expectations, and we're going to have to slow down. We move much too fast at our current pace, and because we forget to ease our hurried stride and to stop and "smell the roses", we often fail to notice the truth at hand - the truth of every matter. So, we hardly recognize love when it's standing right in front of us because the truth of the matter, which is to chose love, is obscured by our minds, our thoughts, and our stories. So, we miss the opportunity to make that choice. To miss love is to lose everything and to lose everything is our only hope. This is how we truly learn, so it's worth the loss.

To lose yourself is to find yourself.

You'll become younger and more compassionate with your every white flag, so salute "the process". Praise the lessons masquerading all around you, whitewashing your thoughts, varnishing your hope. Be stronger. Think different. We can be happier...with or without the cows and the lady that never sings. We can be free-er. I like the way Caroline Myss puts it, she says we just need to call on our graces, and in this white flag case, the grace of fortitude would come in handy. In doing so, we become more vibrant and more powerful from within. We will be summoned to appear more present in the here and now as a dramatic shift occurs in our mind, a shift commencing peace and creating a space...a space for God, a space for Light.

Because, more often than not, it's our mind that fully occupies us, not our heart, and this creates very little space in our lives, if any space at all, for change - for love, for peace, for truth and authenticity. It's our thinking and our chronic speculating and configuring that wanes us of our liberty completely. Our solitude is everything, though the mind is not convinced. So, the mind does not set us free, it enslaves us, and we're prisoners of 'thought' because of it. So, we avidly acknowledge our debilities per the request of the doubts and fears that pass through our thoughts, and on a day-to-day basis. This hinders our growth and fabricates an unwillingness within us to think differently. But, we must. Notice your thoughts.

Change your thoughts. Change your mind and spin the planet in a new direction, then maybe the cows will come home. Let's wave our white flag. Let's make love make the world go round...with our message. Then maybe that lady will finally sing.

Love & Light to you.


  1. Just peace


    Use your kidneys for breathing

    Your ears for seeing

    Your heart for listening

    Live Life ... Be free ... Set free

    Understanding gives meaning

    Meaning means seeing

    Seeing opens the door to ... Love

    When Love takes over

    all arguments ... discussions and

    calls for punishment become unnecessary,

    as well the longing for victory

    You – we surrender and find ... peace

    just peace

  2. Thank you .. too

    I dream of a day
    I dream of a day ... when we all remember
    I dream of the day ... there is peace on earth


  3. "because the dream of living peacefully together, is living in everyone of us."

    Agreed. Lovey website. Love & light to you.