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Saturday, July 16, 2011

sire of the jewel.

Sire of The Jewel.

I needed this.
I needed this struggle.
I needed to see more clearly.
Without this struggle...I'd be the same
Lost without wisdom and unprepared for more pain.


"The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on your success, but on your significance."

Dreams are seeds harvesting in fields of gold. Pictorial to our thoughtfulness, yet elusive to our mind, a prophecy promise thrives and flourishes bursting upward and onward like a castle in the sky, like the spirit after we die. And, as our paralleled lives turn all the tables around, we undeniably, though timidly detect our cryptic holiness amid every collision with life. We need the struggle to see more clearly, to see what we didn't see before. We have to withstand the devious and problematic interventions while at the brittle brink of death's illusions, because in an honest instant a sacred passion will spawn like a ray of light. We'll begin to inwardly dilate and liberate the cycle of intangible and incomprehensible evolution; the evolvement of our soul and it's voyage through all these lives, all these lives we think we lead. How can we lead if we don't know the way? It's a tad bit ephemeral to all our earthy vibes, our more meaningful, heartfelt purpose in this world, but it's virtually, though impassively realized at some point, be-it on our death bed, or on our deathless bed of roses. And like a trance, the definition of existence is fleeting. Why was I born? Why were you born? What is "truth"? I believe truth is to be honest with one's self. Truth is to realize who we are and to remember who we are no matter what. But, we forget. We forget to remember who we are, and we do it in an instant. So, "truth" goes more-so undefined and remains nebulous in our conversations with one another, and in our conversations with God...whatever God means to you. It's our nemesis, our resistance to each other and our resistance to love, that overthrows us each day. We're luminaries in labyrinths. We're casualties of confusion. We've got the will but lack the power, the power to change everything. We don't change everything because we're sensationally resistant by nature, but beyond these fallacious and emotional safeguards we call "choices", we're actually zircons; crystals of various colors buried in fields of gold. We're diamonds in the rough, and diamonds are first a mere detainee of the terra; carbon compounds pushed hundreds of miles beneath the earth's crust into the mantle, buried notably and confined until challenged by colossal heaviness. I say...the weight of the world is the sire of the jewel. A "diamond" suffers privation without the pressure of the universe. Our zeal and our warmth and our spirit and our truth, our diamond, defeats all resistance when our trust in God is divinely tested by immense and dire fear--pressure. When our consciousness alerts us, shakes us and reminds us to remember who we are while face to face with the cataclysms of these innate emotional crusades, we'll defeat all that ever was. And, all that will be, will be what it will help me God (I mean that literally). I call strength and self awareness high fidelity, which does reign like a king and his confidant, but this holy majesty and stateliness, this higher sense of self, is ours for the taking. This is our birthright. Our longings to live boundlessly is a divination, an omen, a soothsayer's prayer, a dream. We are to be boundless and some point, and dreams are freedom's blueprints, and they do come true. If we use our blue prints to build our field of dreams in our fields of gold, they will come.

Whoever and whatever they are to you.

It all starts with a dream.


I'm reading a wonderful book right now written by Lama Surya Das called, "Eight Steps to Enlightenment, Awakening the Buddha Within." I love this book. You don't have to be a Buddhist to love this book and I recommend it to all who read this.

This is a passage from the book I wanted to share. I found the sweet simplicity of this particular portion from the book to be regenerative and eloquent.

"Tips and Pointers for Building a Spiritual Life From Scratch.



Be aware / Stay awake


Practice yoga



Breath and smile

Relax / Enjoy / Laugh / Play

Create / Envision

Let Go / Forgive / Accept
Walk / Exercise / Move

Work / Serve / Contribute

Listen / Learn / Inquire

Consider / Reflect

Cultivate oneself / Enhance competencies

Open up / Expand /Include

Lighten up


Celebrate and appreciate
Give thanks



Share / Give / Receive
Walk softly / Live gently

Expand / Radiate / Dissolve


Surrender / Trust

Be born anew."

Love and Light to you.

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  1. All of life's up hills and down hills. Are what has shaped my crystal. I might be rough around the edges and dull, unpolished. But it is me, and I'm proud of it.Cause through it all I have a dream. And this dream I'm striving to live everyday. And everyday I give thanks to God for being the "sire of my jewel". Thanks for sharing. You have a great talent(gift) for making me see what I can't see. Namaste