Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. - Marilyn

Sunday, March 13, 2011

a sad kind of free. Pisces...a strange month.

By AM.

A sad kind of free.

I was thinking to myself this morning...freedom is kind of an unyielding burden in away. To be free from "it all" can feel so good, yet it leaves you so lonely so often--lonely and tired. Tired of the fight. Tired of the world. I guess it's a sad kind of free. You lose everything and everyone you ever loved more than you could ever have imagined, then you let it go and it sets you free. It's really sad actually. Love does hurt. I don't care what they say.
To love and then to set it free....that hurts more than anything in the world.

It's a sad kind of free
No more you and me
No more reasons to be
Strong for you
It's time to be strong for me
And it's a sad kind of free
To fly away like a bird
And to know I'll always love you
And to love you will always hurt.


 Another poem I wrote...

Dance on emptiness
'Cause a solid ground is over rated
Laugh when you'd rather cry
Cry when you know you've waited 
For much too long for someone to sweep you away
For there's no one but you on your very last day...


And the trip...

I believe we emerge as one kind as we become more and more aware and notably cognizant of every single thought that passes through our agile and fleeting mind. It's easier said than done. This may be the hardest thing for the human being to do--control thought. To be mentally less distracted, or not to be. That is the question. Every thought counts. This I was told today. And, everyday we can be different. This too, I was told today. And, it's kind of like the small child in the back seat of a car on a long road trip always says, "are we there yet?". On that note, everyday is like a road trip and a trip it is indeed. Life is a trip in every sense of the word. It's a long trip, it's an acid trip, it's an amazing trip, it's a dreadful trip, it's a trip to Heaven, it's a trip to hell. It's a trip to change. Are we there yet?

And my heart to yours...

Meanwhile, on this trip chose love when it's easier to hate. 
Chose kindness when your kindness wants to dissipate. 
Fly away like a bird, never look back. 
For life is too short to fall off your soul's track.


Peace and Love to you always.


  1. We are never alone even when we "think" we are alone. To think we are alone is the way the enemy want's us to think.These are the thoughts we need to control and not have. To place to much thought on every thought leaves one weak/tired.So,no every thought does not count. Stop playing the worldly game, and one become less tired and totally free.I could lose everything in this world and it will still not kill me. So let them take it. Love only hurts when one uses it for power. For true love never hurts only leaves one stronger and better prepaired for what is around the next turn in life. Focus one's attention on the light, everything else is petty.

  2. That's a different spin on things. Your perspective makes respectful sense too. Thank you for sharing and reading Patrick.