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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Caroline Myss "it's not that you don't hear your guidance, it's that you do..."

Caroline Myss is an Energetic Healer. She's also a proclaimed author, international speaker and war historian. Below is an excerpt from one of her recent conferences. It's poignant, good info to have in your back pocket. I wanted to share.

Caroline Myss:

"I think that many times we people in the west can make the mistake of thinking that because we attend seminars and we read books, that this is a substitute for a spiritual life, and it's not. It is not. A therapist, reading books, and seminars is no spiritual life.

A spiritual life is a practice of prayer and a practice of pulling yourself into a journey of deep self knowledge where you examine yourself and you ask yourself why you're afraid of God, however it is you define God. I'm not talking about some "off planet" fiction, or some mythology, some bearded force, or some God or Goddess. Get away from vocabulary. Get away. What I'm talking about is a profound experience in you of dismantling an illusion of power and discovering in yourself by asking yourself: why am I afraid to be everything I can be in this lifetime? Why am I afraid of hearing, or better yet, acknowledging that I really do hear my guidance? So it's not that you don't hear your guidance, it's that you do. And your greatest pain is that you really do hear your guidance but you betray yourself on a regular basis. And THAT is your true suffering.

You're greatest suffering comes from you not understanding how intuitive you already are."

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